Monday, October 4, 2010

A couple more projects (alternate title: "super glad I made it out alive")

I think we've probably established that I'm a fan of starting projects. I like to start them so much sometimes I forget to finish the one I'm working on before I move on. I'm kind of like a squirrel, except I like shiny things and things that involve demolition and paint.

I'm working on nightstands for my parents' guest room, I'm still finishing their two lamps, plus I'm in the middle of fixing up this chair for my bedroom:

I found it on craigslist several months ago, and it's been sitting, untouched, since then. I think I've been recovering from the purchase experience.

I drove an hour to pick it up, following the directions the lady selling it had given to me over the phone. When I finally got there (to this crazy little house way out in the middle of nowhere on a dusty road, for REALS, people) where was this woman? She was nowhere to be found! There was, however, an older gentleman (her husband? an axe murderer??) at the house who told me to follow him to go grab the chair in the (not kidding here) CELLAR. Complete with an outside entrance and concrete stairs leading to certain doom...

The little voice inside my head was telling me, "maybe you should tell him you're more comfortable waiting outside, better safe than sorry. Remember all those crazy stories about craigslist on the news?"

So naturally, I followed him to the CELLAR (!!!) like any other absolute idiot. I'm super glad he was a harmless man who helped me load the chair, and then helped me clean carsick puppy vomit out of the back of my sister's Acadia. Hehe. Still sorry about that, Jo.

Anyway. Glad I'm alive, let this be a lesson to (1) listen to your gut and (2) don't do stupid stuff.

As soon as I finish that chair I'm moving on to this little beauty I picked up at a local thrift store for $10:

I loooove this little thing. It used to be a radio cabinet but all the guts are out, and I'm going to give it a new life in my somewhat-pathetic-mostly-furnitureless-feels-like-a-hallway-front-room. I just need to decide: white? or something that will turn it into more of a focal point, like a blue-grey?


  1. I vote blue-grey on the radio cabinet. Or red. I love red furniture in DIY magizines. Of course I never think they will look good in my house. So maybe scratch that. :P

    I can't believe the creepiness you went through for the chair. I would have been ready to piss my pants at 'dusty road'. By 'concrete stairs' I would have been like, "Eff that chair." Although I probably would have went into the cellar anyway like some half-wit idiot. :P Wouldn't want to offend the potential axe murderer by sprinting to my car! What if he's just a nice old man? I think if you want to prove you're such a nice old man, don't leave the chair I'm buying off you in your creeptastic cellar. :P

  2. Love the story of the chair. You are so lucky, as you have said, that tguy wasn't a creepy guy. Silly girl, be careful next time! Take someone with you. (besides a puppy)

  3. You da bomb, beanlet. And I vote for blue-gray. xoxo

  4. Have you lost your brain, daughter? Going down the cellar, wife not home, and all the other stuff that a news story with a bad ending is made of. You were smarter when you were five.
    Glad you are still here for a father/daughter moment. :))


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