Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Winner of Krylon Looking Glass paint...

Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway for the Krylon Looking Glass paint! It really is a fabulous product... I can't wait to whip out some more faux mercury glass.

Before I announce the winnter, let me say that if you are still looking for this paint in your local stores, I have an idea! I had a breakthrough the other day...if you recall in the original giveaway post, I shared this quote from Michelle at Krylon:

"You can tell your readers that if they have a Michaels near them, that the paint is located in the glass paint aisle, typically on a bottom shelf.  If they have a Hobby Lobby near them, it's located in their spray paint aisle.  If they have neither, they can check with our consumer affairs department at 1-800-4KRYLON to see if another store near them has purchased the product."
I had been looking for the paint at my Michael's near the other spray paint -- with zero luck.  So yesterday, I checked the glass paint section like Michelle suggested, and much to my shock and delight they HAD it. Genuine, bonafide Looking Glass paint. In my town's little ole Michaels.

(that's pretty how I felt about this miraculous discovery)

So if you already checked your Michael's, check it again. At my store, the glass paint section is literally four feet from the spray paint... all this time, it was so very close and I never knew it!

Onto the winner...

Comment 25 belongs to:


You so kindly included your email address so I'll be gettin' ahold of you soon to get your address so the fabulous folks at Krylon can send a couple cans of Looking Glass paint your way. Congratulations!


  1. I get Looking Glass paint from Hobby Lobby and don't forget you can use their 40% off coupons for it! :)

  2. Emily -- that's how I got mine too :) But we don't have a Hobby Lobby where I live so I'm very happy to discover Michael's really DOES carry it, just not where I was looking! And they have the 40-50% coupons too... love it!


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