Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Two New Finds...

Oy. My family has the plague or something, and my voice is only starting to sound normal again after I went all weekend long whispering. (side note: losing your voice is pretty much horrible anyway, but when you love to talk like I do, aaaand you were scheduled to sing on Sunday... well, talk about frustrating!)

I thought I'd show off my two newest tax refund treasures... even though we're saving most of the money instead of having our kitchen redone like I wanted ('cause I'm an irresponsible fan of pretty things like that) we did set aside a bit for some fun. Hubby bought a fancy little tent for backpacking and fly fishing and other manly activities. Laaaaaame.

I bought a fabulous little table at TJ Max...

I saw it in the aisle, our eyes met and music started playing while angels fluttered about... or at least that's what it felt like. I instantly fell in love with the paint treatment and the gorgeous color. And the best part?? It only cost $19.99. It's the perfect height for our giant chair, too.

Also, remember the secret boyfriend I mentioned in this post? Well, he came home to live with me for good.

He was a bit more than $19.99. However, he was clearanced and missing one little mirror (that I'll be able to replace easily) so I got him for a great price.

I'm oh-so-happy that I don't have to hide my love any longer.


  1. I love your finds! The table is SO cute, and that mirror is just breathtaking! We so have the same style. We should go shopping together. =) Hope your voice comes back for good! I HATE losing my voice too. No fun at all!

  2. Get better!!!! I too am a deals shopper. Yesterday hubby and I walked around some of our favorite crafty "tooching" shops, and found 3 frames for some of his art. The total of these frames would have been $650.00 but since they happened to be custom frames customers changed their minds on, we got all three for $50 total! *pats on back* yup I love deal shopping!

  3. Ooooooh, I love them both! Great purchases :)

  4. Love the table, and TJ Maxx. :)


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