Monday, April 4, 2011

Decorating With...Storage


We all want more of it, and so many of us struggle wth how to implement it effectively and attractively. Let's face it, sometimes you can shove it in a closet and shut the door, and sometimes you just can't.

(Note: perhaps shoving it in the closet and shutting the door isn't the most organized way of storing your stuff, but I'm taking baby steps right now and organization is not one of my strongest points... so let's tackle that topic another day!)

Instead, today let's cover ways to store (or "hide," in my world) those things that need to be left out where they can be accessed without obtaining a permit for an archaeological dig. Do those require permits? Let's pretend they do.

The first key to decorating with your storage is to... store your stuff. You've got to have something to decorate with or this post becomes useless!

Baskets are a great basic item to have in your house -- they hide clutter and add texture. You can buy all sorts of boxes and bins to store things if you'd like... or you could get creative! Look for bowls at thrift stores, cover shoe boxes with wrapping paper for an instant photo box, or find a new uses for old canning jars.

Now that you have your stuff stored, let's decorate.

I believe the most important rule for decorating with storage is to have it look purposeful. A great way to accomplish this is to group like items. For example, one photo box on a shelf won't look intentional -- a couple stacks of complementary boxes, mixed with books and groups of magazine files is a much more attractive and cohesive look.

Here's another example, because I'm feeling educational: if you saw one jar of paperclips on a desk, you might assume someone was just finding a temporary spot for some extra office supplies. However, a small tray filled with several glass jars full of assorted supplies will add a nice,casual touch in a workspace -- and it will look as if it was placed there on purpose.

My last tip for you might seem silly, but do your best to store things near where they're used. If you store extra guest blankets in the laundry room and craft supplies in the guest room closet, you run the risk of having relatives stumbling around your house in the middle of the night, half asleep and freezing, painting campfires on your walls. Or something.

via PB Kids

It made more sense in my head. But you get the drift.

Next week: "Decorating With Pillows"


  1. I totally get it! I love decorating with storage basically because that means I can hide all of my crap :) And I dont even have kids yet! Ha.

    LOVE the new blog design :)

    LOVE your stairs, dont think I've told you that yet. It looks amazing, great transformation! Well worth the hard work xoxo

  2. Yep, you generally need a permit of some kind to do an archaeological dig (Anthropology and History major here!) I have that problem of too much stuff and nowhere to put it, so I cram closets full and then find I need a mining cap, a pick-ax and yes, a permit, to dig for my things. Ugh! So frustrating.

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    This site is awesome!


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