Friday, June 10, 2011

Calling All Party Smarties - Mayday, mayday!

Ohh, I am supremely out of my league right now.

I am not cute or crafty, I shrink at the prospect of scrapbooking, when people tell me to use something crazy like grommets to hold two pieces of paper together I hold up roll of tape and look at them like they need to be evaluated. I selectively avoid reading blog posts about party decorations and table themes, not because I have no interest, but because I end up feeling bad about myself instead of feeling inspired.

But now I'm in trouble. My older son saw me secretly looking at party ideas when I was suffering from delusions of crafty grandeur or temporary insanity, and flipped his lid over a Super Mario Brothers themed birthday party. What could I say, except "oops?" This will now be happening in a month.

I don't know if y'all remember but I had a bit of a party fail last October and I'm pretty scared at the idea of trying again. At-home parties are super intimidating to me, guys.

Here's a photo from the party in question:

No joke, that photo captured the single moment when everyone was amused at the same time. A mom who was there seriously told me, "It's okay, parties are hard." Just in case you think I don't suck at this as much as I say I do. Party sadness!

I have a few links to some great Mario party ideas to go from, but to be completely honest I am worried. I have this tendency to bite off more than I can chew, and I have a limited budget to work with (no rented climbing walls for this mama), so I would love some tips from anyone who has successfully thrown an at-home party.

I'd also appreciate it if you could:

1. Please tell me to avoid fondant. I've never, ever, used it, and in fact my cakes usually border on disastrous. I'm scared that I will decide that it looks crazy easy and go for it. This could will be ugly.

2. Mail me some kleenex boxes for my inevitable breakdowns, I'm pretty sure I'll run out. I tend to be melodramatic like that.

3. Share links to posts you've discovered which are titled "Parties for Dummies," or "How To Successfully Lay Out A Buffet Table If You Suck At Presentation"

4. Tell me to stop doing dumb stuff!!

5. Hold me when I cry.


  1. If you're afraid of fondant, stick with icing and chocolate molds :o) I'm doing a big party too in August, mine's Sesame Street. Those hat's look super easy to do. If you can buy the hats and then get some cheap felt. I think you can do it girl! I'm hear if you need to cry or scream lol. I'm sure I'll need someone to cry with in August.

  2. Dear Daughter
    Alright, here it is,avoid fondant and stop doing dumb stuff. I thought I taught you better. I never made fondant for you once. :)
    Seriously you will be fine, I have been to a couple of your birthday parties and I had a good time. Not to worry.

  3. If there's cake and presents and some sort of game or activity, the kids are going to have fun. Parties don't have to be crazy over-the-top...that's to impress other parents, not the kids.

    I recently tried marshmallow fondant. Tasted pretty good and looked decent (mind you, I stuck to a very simple covering of fondant and some circle cutouts). But really, kids love frosting, the more the better. Just go for it!

  4. Here are some ideas for you. Good luck!
    P.S. I'm not good at parties either!

  5. Go to Family Fun's magazine and search under there party themes. Easy ideas, cheap and cute.
    Also, there is a blog called Kara's Party Ideas or something like that. Cute and simple, Tanya and your Dad have it right. Kids just want to be together and eat cake, all the fancy stuff is hoopla. As for fondant, that stuff is pure nastiness, even at Weddings I peel that stuff off.

  6. Anna don't worry you'll do fine! I've never done a party for kids but I posted some party hosting tips (

    The one you should follow is to relax :) I'm sure the kids will have a ton of fun. Also, remember that kids can't tell if you made a cake out of a box or if the buffet is presented well. Just look up a few games and you'll be set! Can't wait to see your successful party post :)

  7. Well, I am the wrong person to ask, I like all the hoopla :) Just look at my most recent post LOL But I agree with everyone, simple for kids, they are more concerned about the games and having fun than all the hoopla decorations. What about doing a cupcake car where they can add their own toppings to the cupcakes?


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