Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Oh, Honey!

Hey there loves!

It feels like we've had more rain than sun this "spring" (ha!) so I'm going to transport us magically to a little land a couple hours south, a nice little place called "Utah," the land of my childhood and my parents. This little land is experiencing some wonky weather too, but right now I think it's slightly  less crazy than ours.

I'm the youngest in my family, and when I moved out years ago my parents were undoubtedly crushed; I'm sure of it! To bring meaning back to their life and pass the countless hours without my sunny rays of fabulosity and delusional behavior, they recently bought some bees.

They decided to go with Russian bees, which (to my extremely limited understanding) are just as mild mannered as the standard Italian bees but are more resistant to mites and may even produce more honey than their standard bee friends, no doubt because they're not taking numerous Gelato breaks.

(Just between you and me, a life without Gelato breaks is no life worth living. But cheers to the industrious Russian bees of the world.)

I'm really looking forward to sampling the fruits of my parents' (and the bees') labor.

Did you know:
  • Local honey may actually help seasonal allergy sufferers (the more local the better, but I'm going to say that Utah is local enough to justify a possible health benefit because I like justifying things)
  • Having bees around will increase pollination and boost your fruit and vegetable yields (which is good for my parents because I'll be sampling the contents of their garden as well!)
  • Bees are cool little creatures that are fun to watch. (it's a fact, so I included it)
  • Some cities aren't okay with bee keeping, so check your local laws before you borrow 15 books from the library, buy a bee suit and drive cross country to pick up 30,000 new little friends.
Do you know anyone that keeps bees?

(Both photos from my fabulous folks)


  1. Hi Anna! I am checking out the blogs listed in Michelle's post today! Loving your blog and you have a beautiful family! And girl I agree- there is nothing better than a big bowl of gelato. It tastes so much better than ice cream! I look forward to future posts!

  2. Isn't that frame picture cool? The bees have filled it up with honeycomb and honey. They've only been working their fabulous little fannies off for a month and I'm sure there are twice as many as we brought back from Truchas.

    They're amazingly mellow, too. You can't see him but a 12 year old boy is standing behind me, watching so he can write a report on beekeeping for school.

  3. Growing up, we would buy local honey all the time because my mom always said it helped with allergies too=)!!
    I love honey!! Confession--I eat it by the spoonfuls at times! So neat that your parents have their own bees!

  4. I love bees and your blog! Fancy that! :)

  5. Somehow my first comment didn't register and I can't remember my smart remarks. Must be a symptom of something, can't remember what. Anyway the bees are great and hopefully there will be some homey to share. :)

  6. Our local honey guy lost his bees; in that bees thing a few years back. I really don't see a lot of honey bees in our area any more. I loved this guy's honey. It was so tasty! That's really neat that your parents keep bees.


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