Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Black Door

Surprise, I painted the door! See how on task I am?

Yesterday morning my sweet husband took the door off the hinges for me and helped me carry it into the garage (it must weigh about 700 pounds) so I could work my magic. I decided to use spray paint, since it was just a basic black semi-gloss paint and I didn't want the hassle of a roller and a brush (which are both necessary when I paint these paneled doors).

First I used my trusty stapler to attach a plastic sheet to the wall and surrounding areas in order to protect from overspray, raised the door off the ground with scrap wood, and addressed some of the major issues. (like the naughty pet scratches all over the bottom from some previous owners)

Come back tomorrow for some tips and tricks for working with wood putty, especially over large flat surfaces (like a door or a flat post or leg on a piece of furniture).

I cleaned the door, forgot to sand it (oops) and then sprayed two thin coats of tinted primer...

...and then I started painting. You've heard it a million times, but several thin coats is the way to go.

You might be able to see in the above photo that I worked my way back and forth like a typewriter, always keeping the spray paint can moving and going past the edge of the door before I changed directions. This helps eliminate spots that receive more paint and end up looking like glossy blotches in the finished surface; this technique is especially important for higher gloss paints (in my experience). If you want an even finish you need to be mindful of how you paint.

I replaced the old doorknob with a satin nickel one we had sitting around, but I needed to address the brass hinges. I didn't want to buy new ones, so I decided to paint them too. And while there are some great tutorials out there for painting doorknobs, I wasn't as concerned with these hinges since they won't be handled constantly like a knob.

I started by using a hosuehold cleaner to remove as much dirt and oil as possible.

Then I sprayed them with primer and followed it with a metallic spray paint and then a clear coat in a satin finish.

Late last night Mike and I hung the door, and I think it turned out fabulously... but this sneak is all you get right now!

 I really am going to finish the entire garage entry area and unveil it in a dramatic fashion as is only fitting, considering my melodramatic streak.


  1. Black doors are the way to go. I like the hinge color as well. What a small price for such a big WoW factor!



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