Friday, September 30, 2011

When Horror Struck the Hammock

Take a look at this idyllic scene from only a couple months ago:

And now I present a photo of that very same hammock, today (sensitive readers should consider looking away): 


Where is it, you might be asking? Oh. Well, it's at the very bottom of the photo... on the ground. Chewed to shreds. By squirrels.

In the past I was a friend, nay, a champion, of our four-legged furry-tailed friends. Between this hammock carnage and the mysterious "invisible hummingbird invasion" of 2011... well sirs, I say to you: no longer! 

What on earth would possess an animal that ends up as a mascot on various children's products because of its "loveable" and "furry" nature, to completely decimate an unsuspecting human's hammock (and a Father's Day gift at that) after ignoring it all summer?

Is it bizarre autumnal nesting behavior, or merely the true colors of a descipable and soulless rodent appearing? I'll let you decide, only not really because it's obviously the latter.


  1. Despicable rodent! Don't get me started, they've ruined two hammocks, eaten our tomato plants, stripped my daisies, tease our Rio!

    Ok, now that I've ranted, hope you have a fun weekend! :)

  2. This post made me giggle, SO hard. And then I made my husband listen to me read it aloud because it was just THAT funny.
    Poor hammock, may it rest in peace....... :)

  3. My mouth hangs open in shock. My first thought was, RUDE! Snarky little beasts.

  4. I can't stand squirrels!! After NESTING and having BABIES in the engine of my car they chewed through EVERY SINGLE WIRE IN MY ENGINE!!! I had to have the entire wiring system in my Expedition rewired because of those darn thing... I am no longer a fan. AT.ALL. I feel your pain sister...

  5. You're not going to like this, but the only way we got rid of the squirrels was to trap & kill them. I put up a feeder & FED them for about a month. They even EXPECTED it. Once I had them coming to the feeder, I put a rat trap in there. Killed about 9 of them. After that? No squirrel issues. I have to do this about every 2 years...They are smart little boogers. And they will eat or tear up absolutely anything & everything.



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