Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sofa Table Plan {PDF Download}

I have been floored by the response to my sofa table - I'm so happy that people like it and want to build it (or have already!) You may have even seen that it was Knock Off Decor's #1 clicked project for the entire year of 2011 -- and it wasn't even featured on Knock of Decor until September 29. That is AH-mazing, you guys. Like I said... floored. Between the Knock off Decor feature, and Pinterest traffic from pins of both the original post here and the KOD feature, it is definitely the busiest area of my little blog.

With that in mind, I thought it was time to make the plans a bit easier to print out and read - right now it's spread out over several posts. I have zero idea how to do anything really fancy, but hopefully this will work a little better for all the wannabe sofa table makers in the world:

Also, here's a list of the original posts, as well as my post on prepping MDF for paint:
Prepping MDF for paint

Thanks again and good luck!


  1. Anna,
    Congratulations on having your project be so popular! It really is beautiful for most any spot in the house. Thank you for the plans as well.

  2. This is awesome! I haven't been able to visit you in over a month due to my blog messing up. Oh Happy days!! This seems to be behind us now. I am putting hubby to work real soon :) He got his power tools for Christmas, Lord know for a reason. *smirk*

  3. I am right in the middle of buidling this and it calls for (4) 54.5 1X3 pieces for the trim on the front.. Did you put these on the back as well? It looks great and thaks Ana for the plans..

    1. Hey there! there are 2 for the front and 2 for the back, hope that helps! :) You definitely need to either trim the back out just like the front or use a piece of 1/4" plywood or masonite for the back -- the trim (or plywood back) is what helps give the table stability.

  4. This is awesome! How beautiful it is!

  5. On page 3, step 2, you indicate that you would find the middle point of the base by measuring 28.5" from the left. That would be a 57" base, but it is actually 56-1/2", according to the cutting instructions. Maybe I am missing something, but could you please comment? I am really excited about this project, and will be using it as a TV stand. Thank you.


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