Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Side Street Bunk Beds?!?

Imagine my surprise when I clicked onto Facebook today and saw that not only had Ana White uncovered the plans for the bunk beds I built in the boys' room so I could link to them (the source list has been updated!), but she renamed them after this blog! Wow!

She also shared some projects of mine and just generally sent me some bloggy love. I am tickled pink (yeah, that's right. I'm bringin' tickled back.). Thank you, Ana!

(This is the part where I ugly cry like I've won the Miss America pageant.)

Go check it out! And if you found me through Ana's site or Facebook page, welcome!  Stick around if you like awesome stuff. And eating doughnuts. Oh, and chickens. I've got chickens now. I'm not quite sure what's happening to me.


  1. Found you through Ana's site. Upon nosing around in your bidness, I've decided your my new BFF. LOVE the bunkbeds and am now wishing my son's ceiling was higher so I could build them for him. I am however, going to knock out that sofa table. I told my husband about your pig. It was a good story. I told him I "want to reach through the screen and steal it." I love reminding him why he fell in love with me. Stealing a pig with wings? Oh yes, count me in. And doughnuts, count me in on those too.

  2. Found you from Ana's site. I just wanted to say I love your boys' room.

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