Friday, April 6, 2012

What's Up Chicken Butt 04.06.12

I didn't post about the chickens last week because I was out of town, so don't be surprised that the chickens are like... chickens now. They're practically ready to go to college. When I came home and saw how much they had grown, I kicked and cried because I missed their formative years days. How dare they keep growing?

We take them outside as often as we can now, so they can get used to kids running around and also so they can soak up the sunshine and spend some time leisurely picking at the dirt like pros. I can't wait to sic them on our nasty spider population. Go chickens, go!

That's me and Rosie, having some bonding time. She's sort of bossy, so we get along.

Because the birds are almost 7 weeks old (ish) I am anxious to get the coop finished and get them the heck out of my basement. Work has been progressing a bit slower than I'd like, but since I last posted we finished framing and putting the interior walls and ceiling in.

(that's my nephew acting like a chicken, making sure it's suitable for Posie, who technically 'belongs' to him.)

And yesterday while I was singing at a Maundy Thursday service at our church, Mike also insulated the coop and wrapped it with Tyvek for a vapor barrier because he's fabulous. We were going to use cheap plastic but we discovered a big roll of Tyvek in the shelves above our garage, and who am I to turn down free building materials? Thanks, previous owners!

Unfortunately, this is what we woke up to this morning...

Yuck. Not really good coop building weather. Cross your fingers that it melts fast... I've got a plan and this snowy day really cramps my style.


  1. You are AMAZING. And so is your hubby. I am totally impressed.

  2. Wow, they have really grown up! I can't believe how fast that happened!!

  3. Oh my gosh - they are so dang cute! That snow needs to melt soon because I can't wait to see your finished coop!!!

  4. Wow, they're so big already! So my cousin has baby chicks from her classroom (they're learning about the life cycle, or something). I took care of them for a day or two and now I want to keep them! Anyway, I need to think of a coop solution pronto, they're about 2.5 weeks old now. Did you use plans or did you just wing it? Are you going to share/sell the plans? Any advice you have would be great!


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