Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Framed Bird Prints

Well, I'm home from my mother's and now my in-laws are visiting... they're all here because we're running in this weekend's Ragnar Relay down in the Salt Lake City area. (excitement!) 

I'm excited to share my mother's room makeover on here but I want to wait until she gets home at the end of this week and sees it for herself... so for now we'll have to be satisfied with a couple peeks!

First I wanted to share some art I made for the room... when I put together my mom's design board she really liked the set of six prints shown above the bed so I decided to recreate them on the cheap in a responsibly budget-conscious manner.

I searched online at the New York Public Library Digital Gallery (which is a great place to look for old photos and drawings) and found several engravings of birds that I liked. I downloaded them, cropped them to 5x7 and printed them on a color laser so they would be as high quality as possible.

Next I found sets of 11x14 frames JoAnn for 50% off so they each only ended up being $5 (woot) and I bought six of them - they are plastic but unless you're hanging all over them you can't tell. To save on the cost of mat boards and cuts I went and bought a couple large sheets of poster board for $1 each and cut them to fit inside the frames.

Using a piece of card stock as a template, I attached each bird 'print' to the poster board's matte side with double-sided tape...

And stuck the whole thing back into the frame:
Easy peasy! I can't wait to show you how they look in the room! Come back Saturday for the reveal!

bird prints: $0
poster board $2
frames: $30
$32 for six framed bird prints


  1. You will love the Ragnar! I ran in Cape Cod about a month ago. Good luck and have fun!

  2. I was actually wondering where you go the braided rug under the bird pictures?

    BTW, I finally used my Novica gift certificate that I won. It was SO HARD deciding what to get! I asked my husbands' opinion on the items I was considering and finally settled on a pair of 'Goddess' moonstone earrings. I can't wait to see my earrings, and my hubby has tons of future gift ideas ;)

  3. Thanks for sharing the New York Public Library Digital Gallery resource- I had no idea!

  4. I can't wait to see the whole reveal! What an awesome project! :-)


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