Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer List 2012

It's that time again... summer list making!

 (see that one in purple? That's what mama is most looking forward to!)

We have a tradition in our family of making a checklist of the activities we want to enjoy during the summer; it's like a fun little bucket list. My kids look forward to it and have fun marking things off all summer long. We've done it for the last few years and I even shared our list from 2011 on the blog.

Without further ado, here is this year's version proudly hanging on the fridge on a piece of cardstock (I've learned that hanging out for 3 months on my fridge is a lot to ask of a regular piece of paper):

As for me, my personal summer list from last year still fits my grown up summertime philosophy perfectly!

Does your family make a list each summer? What fun things have you got your sleeve for the next three months?


  1. I love this! So colorful and cute!

    I made my own version of a summertime list to do and posted it today. There's a spot to link up as well!

  2. On are list this year are play hookie from camp, have pajama day... for a week, and ensure that Tony does not crush the house when he takes down the tree in the front yard.

    Yip. Summer. Good times...


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