Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Back in the Saddle

I'm baaaaack!

I didn't plan on taking an unscheduled summertime vacation, but I will not lie -- I loved it. Lurved it. Lah-huved it. My week decorating for VBS transitioned into my week directing it and doing a back to school makeover and shopping spree for my visiting niece which quickly rolled into our family vacation on the Oregon coast. We arrived home Monday evening and I still can't believe how quickly these past several weeks have flown by.

Our vacation was wonderful -- Oregon is one of my most favorite places -- I took my kids back to the same cottages I grew up vacationing at, and we spent a week playing in the waves, walking on the beach, and obsessively smelling the delicious air. 'Cause I'm sensory like that. I've been sharing some photos on Instagram and Facebook but here are some vacation highlights:

Now I'm back -- and while school doesn't start for us until after Labor Day, all our major plans for this summer have been ticked off the to do list and I'm hoping to get a couple projects in before the craziness of back to school kicks in.

And? We are making eggs like crazy. And by we I don't really mean we, I mean my grubby little chickens who ate all my baby hollyhock plants while I was vacationing. The birds with a death wish. We even got our first double yolker while we were in Oregon -- check out the size of that baby.

Can we say ouch?

And? I got bangs.
I can wear them swept to the side or straight down as a full fringe, but the only time I wear them down is when my hair is up so I don't feel like an old person slash wannabe hipster. I can so not pull that look off. Jealous.

And?? Last month I shared two photos of glasses on Facebook and asked for some help in picking my new frames. Here they are:

Now we're all caught up! Super fabulous.


  1. Love your bangs, totally jealous of your vaycay and your glasses look SO good!! Welcome back lovie!

    Love your guts


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