Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Draft Stopper Project: Baby, it's Cold Outside!

Hey, guys. Remember me?

That's me sheepishly starting my first post in almost a month... 

All right, now that we've got that out of the way, let's tackle the silly little project that got me doing projects again after a month of chaos and adjusting to my new schedule. I use the term 'adjusting' loosely because I'm finally to the place where my eyelids aren't twitching constantly and I don't want to throw oranges at everyone I meet, but I wouldn't exactly say I'm excelling at this whole night school routine.

Okay, the project: a draft stopper, also called a draft dodger or draft snake. Cue the oohs and aahs. There is some serious wow factor in a project like this, no? Okay, you're right. It's small potatoes. But, but, but... it would make a nice little homemade Christmas gift! And if you have to stick a bag full of beans in your front room, wouldn't it be nice if it was covered in a chic fabric instead of fleece teddy bears and penguins?

...or is that just me?

In my case this Christmas gift is for me, because I'm lazy and haven't replaced the threshold seal under my front door since it fell into shreds -- and my new tile entry is approximately -575° at any given time with the arctic breeze that whooshes in. And in my twisted logic, sewing a draft stopper makes more sense than buying a rubber seal. Because that would require me to leave my house, something which I avoid doing if I'm not driving to school or doing mandatory mom errands.

All right, less talking more sewing. I cut a strip of fabric into a rectangle 8.5" wide x 41" long.

Then I folded it hotdog-style with the right sides of the fabric touching, and (1) sewed it closed lengthwise and (2) down one of the short sides. Last, I flipped it around on the sewing machine and (3) sewed it again right next to the first seam for some added reinforcement. I don't want beans bursting out of my draft stopper, talk about a mess.

After it was all sewn up, I flipped it right side out and assembled my tools.

Then I threw out the funnel because it wasn't wide enough for the beans to pass through. I used a glass measuring cup with a little spout instead. Pour slowly, and by all means don't just stick the ziploc bag into the tube thinking you've figured out how to fill the thing in 5 seconds flat, lest ye start a dangerous game of "5,470 bean pick-up." It's like 52 card pick-up only much, much worse.

When it's all done, I checked the length against my door and decided around 39" finished was the length I wanted, so I tucked the ends inside the tube, pinned it shut a few inches from the seam so beans wouldn't interfere with my sewing, and sloppily sewed it closed 2 or 3 times as close to the edge as possible.

And then I put that baby to work.

 It's made a huge difference and I can answer the door in bare feet (I don't believe in shoes, okay?) without whimpering as I step on the tile. Can you think of anyone who might like this for Christmas? Of course you can. Go buy some beans.


  1. That is the classiest draft snake in green giraffe pajamas I have ever seen. Please don't be laughing at my white fleece sleeping snowman snake when you come visit me soon... :) Happy to read you once again!

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