Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Kitchen Progress - It's a Column!

Months after I surprised Mike at work with a picture of holes in our kitchen walls, I can finally see the room beginning to take shape.

As evidenced by unpainted MDF, garage light fixtures, exposed wires and studs and a well placed 1960's wallpaper remnant... well, there's still plenty of work to be done.  But since my focus during my time at school is to finish projects instead of starting new ones, and my kitchen is a top priority room, I have a good feeling that this room won't stay unfinished for long.

I had Joe remove the wall behind the top later of slate tile so normal 30" bar stools would fit this new mini breakfast bar space.

Joe also added a couple of lights; once the under-cabinet lighting was removed with those glass doored cabinets,  my kitchen was plunged into dungeon-esque darkness... and it was already a poorly lit room.

Those fixtures are, of course, temporary!

Let's take a look back to Christmas 2011 and see what my kitchen looked like:

Fast forward to Christmas 2012:

Okay, it's less finished. And there's a giant foosball table in my dining room because we're too lazy to take it apart and move it downstairs. But can't you see the potential? It's already so much more open and it feels less like the galley kitchen that it is. Progress!


  1. Huge difference! Amazing. You must love using your kitchen now.

    1. Opening it up did make all the difference in the world -- I love it so much more now.

  2. Oh... and i thought the fuzzball was to get the kids to come to dinner faster. My bad. :)

  3. I can't believe how different it looks -- so much more open & modern! How are you dealing with fewer cabinets on top? Has that been an issue?

  4. We've been throwing around the same idea....looks great. But my question is...what about all of the lost cabinet space? What did you do with your 'stuff'?

  5. It's such an open, light space now. That kind of airiness takes a load off your mind, doesn't it? When Joe remodeled our kitchen I found out that losing cabinet space or shuffling it around was freeing. It's amazing how much non-essential stuff I had cluttering up my "prime real estate" kitchen cabinets.


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