Friday, January 4, 2013

The UPS Man Always Rings Once

Yesterday afternoon, right before I left for school, the UPS man left a surprise at my door...

...and I couldn't wait to tear into the box. And today, my little post-Christmas purchase looks like this:

I like them! I think I'll like them even more once that wall and column is painted. My kids like them! They're happy to be able to sit up there and have a snack or keep me company while I cook. Mike...doesn't like them. Oh well -- you win some, you lose some. Maybe they'll grow on him.

I wanted something affordable, tall (30"), with a smallish footprint, and a little more industrial looking just 'cause I'm a fan of eclectic decor and I thought it would be fun. I found these Tabouret stools on, which come in a whole bunch of fun colors... in the 24" height. Either they were out of all the colors in the 30" size or there's just not as many options in stock, but I went for the silver. If I decide they need to be tangerine I can always paint them!


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