Saturday, February 9, 2013

Another Box Bites the Dust

When I begin a project, my technique usually consists of impulsively knocking holes in things or slapping paint on half a wall and then adopting a "well, I can't stop now!" sort of attitude to carry me through. This works really well when you are a compulsive over thinker and you're married to a forgiving man.

Eventually however, the time for considering ends and the time for doing begins.

And even though I'm only half talking about my kitchen shelving project because I'm half talking about my terrifying decision to (maybe, probably) chop all my hair off before I lose my nerve from thinking too much, today I'm actually talking about my kitchen. Sort of.

Today was the day for removing cabinet boxes. Before any open shelving can go in, the wall behind this cabinet box needs to be textured so it will match the existing walls. And on the other side of the kitchen is a second spot that needs to be taped and textured, where the tall glass front cabinets used to be. I'm hopeful we can get that taken care of soon and get some shelves made!

First things first, I had to empty the cabinets. Now all my other cabinets are absolutely squished full of stuff, but I'm not concerned with losing storage in the long run as we'll be adding shelving for some of my dishes and freeing up the cabinet space where they are stored now.

After the cabinets were empty, I removed the doors and turned off the power in order to cap the wires in the weird little outlet halfway up the kitchen wall.

Next I used a utility knife to score the seams between the trim and wall, and also between the cabinet box to be removed and its next door neighbor. This step makes removal easier and helps minimize any potential damage to the surrounding walls or cabinets.

After the trim was off, I removed the screws securing the box to the walls and ceiling.

Then I realized the box was going to be too heavy and awkward for me to remove alone, so I wedged it against the wall and waited for my husband to come home and rescue me from myself. Good news: he still loves me!

Now there's a big space in my kitchen where there used to be cabinets.

There's also an outlet box that needs to be sorted out, some yellow plaid wallpaper from another lifetime, three different textures and a hole in the wall. Nothing ever goes how you expect it to when you're pulling your house apart -- projects are always full of unexpected surprises to keep you on your toes and make you swear you'll never start another one.

Well... I can't stop now!


  1. If you're taking a poll about cutting your hair, I vote cut. I think you'll look good w short hair!

  2. I wonder if I would leave the outlet. May come in handy behind the shelves for a little lamp or when you decorate for different seasons, etc?
    Can't wait to see how it turns out. :)

  3. Ha Janet that's what i said too!

  4. What about using that outlet to run under cabinet lights? Or a power strip so you could plug in accessories and accents?

    I can't wait to take the bead board down in the kitchen... I vaguely remember a list of phone numbers written on the wall before I put it up. likely from the 60's... maybe we should call some of them... :)

  5. I was thinking the same thing with that outlet - accessorize! If the shelves line up with it ok, just keep it and hide it behind something!

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