Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Kitchen Wall Prep & Texture

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Last Saturday, I rolled up my sleeves and removed a couple of cabinets in my kitchen, and was left with a little mess to clean up. I can do a lot of things, but mesh tape + joint compound + fancy textures isn't on my list of skills.  (although I do have nunchuck skills, bow hunting skills, and computer hacking skills... Mike only wanted a wife who had skills.)

I knew it was time to call a professional to work his magic on my kitchen walls while I took a DIY break and ate something. Preferably something chocolatey. 

Before I got to the good (chocolate-flavored) part though, we had some prep work to do.

I removed the old wallpaper:

And Mike patched the sheetrock (The fact that he's helping me a bit with this project gives me warm fuzzies all the way to my toes. I heart him and his DIY-hating ways).

And yes, we removed the outlet in the middle of the wall even against the advice of several commenters! Don't be sad -- if I ever need a lamp on my open shelving you can all say that you told me so :)

Then I munched on Valentine's Day chocolate while the professional magic happened.

voilĂ !

I'm enjoying it today before I have to start thinking about priming. And painting the walls. And painting the ceiling. And painting the cabinets. And painting the floors. Chances are, if it's in my kitchen and it's standing still, it might get a fresh coat.

P.S. Who else is excited about Cadbury chocolate mini eggs? I do love a good early Easter season!


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