Sunday, March 17, 2013

eShakti Dress Review

I am so excited to pretend to know what I'm doing when it comes to clothes for a few minutes, guys. Last month, the online company eShakti contacted me about the possibility of trying one of their dresses and sharing my experience with you, and (of course) I jumped on it. I'm no fashion blogger but I sure do love me some clothes, and since I recently decided to jump into the deep end of the red head pond, I thought I'd look for a green dress!

The great things about eShakti are that they offer clothing in sizes 0-36W, and they also offer the option to customize their clothing in both size and design. For example, you can order a standard size 8 or input your measurements for a custom fit; and you can also adjust skirt lengths, sleeve types, etc. They have skirts, jackets, and tops, but I will say they definitely have a ton of cute dresses -- and while lots of them are very feminine or vintage-inspired, I still saw plenty of styles that would work for most anyone.

I picked a green knit dress with a draped front because I didn't want to iron the thing (I hate ironing) and I wanted something that would work as a day dress. eShakti asked me to input some customizations, so while I went with a standard size, I did shorten the skirt to above the knee, and I asked them to remove the pockets.

My thoughts? My dress arrived eight business days after placing my order, and it was shipped from India so I'm feeling like that turnaround time is pretty impressive. I love the length, it fits great, the material is a nice weight and drapes very nicely even with the fuller skirt... but they didn't remove my pockets. Sadface.

Except not really a big sadface because I have made peace with the pockets for the most part, and they don't make me feel hippy like I was worried they would, so maybe it was all in fate's hands and I was supposed to have a dress with pockets. Hmm... food for thought? I only mention it because I believe the option to remove embroidery embellishments and pockets is a new customization option, so perhaps they're still ironing the kinks out of it. But I would just be aware of that in case you placed an order.

Custom dresses for everyone! After you comment and tell me how fab I look in green and that I don't look silly at all in these pictures, hop over to eShakti and have a look at their clothing options! They've even sent a 20% off coupon code over for y'all...

Coupon code (not case sensitive): SIDESTREET
valid through: March 20 (I'm going to see if I can work on extending that a wee bit!)


  1. The red hair is very sassy!

    I once ordered a dress from Eshakti for a wedding (as a guest) & it was perfect -- I loved that I could customize it. It took some of the worry out of buying a dress that I hadn't tried on.

  2. Love that site! Just bookmarked it and ordered a cute new spring top. Wish shipping wasn't $9 though - but it is a great site with darling clothes!!!


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