Friday, May 31, 2013

Styled Kitchen Shelves {& some tidbits about me}

My shelves haven't been empty this whole time, I've just been lazy. Or busy. Or a mysteriously enigmatic combination of both. And now they're styled, or as styled as things get in my house.

It's somewhere between "magazine shoot" and "haven't done the dishes in 4 days." And if I'm being honest, nothing in my house is ever truly close to "magazine shoot" so where does that leave us?

Regardless, I've thrown some dishes up and my open shelves are officially in use.

The verdict? (You know, now that I've been using it for a month without talking about it like the bad blogger that I am) I really, really like them. And they make me really, really want my new counters and subway tile to happen soon.

I know open shelving is sort of trendy right now, and maybe in 5 years I'll look back on this phase of my life the same way I remember my neon color blocked swimsuit from 1987 (oh wait, those are back... never mind). But I'm not worried.

Trend or not, I say do what makes you happy. In design and especially in life!

Now, some (not really) juicy (at all) bits to share:

  • Not actually about me, but have you read this hilarious post by Jen Hatmaker, titled "Worst End of School Year Mom Ever"?? It's apparently gone a little viral, and it is perfect. Made my day. (week? month(s)?)
  • That reminds me, my son is done with school Thursday and I completely forgot about a teacher gift. So a gift card it is! No shame.
  • School is done, licensing tests are done (I passed!) and my license paperwork has been mailed off. Now I guess I find a job?
  • In April we adopted the cutest, dumbest, neediest, snuggliest little dog from the shelter. Her name is Violet and she's a seven pound Maltese/Shih Tzu mix and pretty much the best thing ever. I knew I wasn't really a cat person or a dog person... I'm a catdog person. Perfection.


  1. Anna you have such pretty things! I myself do not have such pretty things, hence the complete & utter lack of open/closed/glass shelves of any kind in my house! Of course, with 4 men-children and a big klutzy dog in the house, pretty kind of gets kicked to the curb...

  2. One of my besties is a teacher... she says a gift card is THE BEST Teacher Gift EVER. Your teacher will love you!

  3. Adorable dog, love the shelves and the staging! And you must tell me where you got those adorable bowls. I especially love the honeycomb one (my hubs is a hobbyist beekeeper).

    BTW--my mom has had open shelving in her kitchen for years and they always look great and she has no plans of ever changing them. I'm about to remodel my kitchen and plan to put open shelves in it too.

  4. I have been busy being lazy, that is my new line. Additional space in the kitchen is really a bonus and I like the open shelves. I have a dog that is a mix Shih Tzu as well, I love him. Make sure to watch out for eye infections with that mix.

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