Friday, June 14, 2013

Easy DIY Chalkboard Table Numbers

Table numbers? Wait, when did this become a wedding blog?

I keed, I keed. While there are no major changes to this blog planned, I've been spending the last several months helping a lovely friend plan and coordinate her wedding. The fabulous event is now just two weeks away which means I'm starting to get a little frazzled trying to tie up loose ends, because that's just how I roll. (Sidenote: if there was a perfume called "frazzle," it might have to be my signature scent.)

There haven't been too many DIY projects for this wedding that I've had to take care of, but I did volunteer to make the table numbers. It was a really easy project that I'm going to share today!

You'll need to find some unfinished wood in the shape of your choice. You can search etsy or look at a local craft store. I found these in an etsy store called ChalkStyle -- they were sold as little chalkboards with one finished side. I'm sure you could save money by finding completely unfinished ones.

Next, I bought several 63-cent dowels at my big orange home store -- I halved each one to make them 2-feet long, and they are thin enough to be cut with flower shears. This means when the big day comes and we're putting them into vases, we can very easily cut them to whatever length looks best.

Since they're going to be visible from all sides, I decided to paint the backside of each shape and the dowels black:

And then I simply hot glued a dowel to the backside of each shape. You could easy give this another quick spray of paint to make the glue a little less noticeable.

Season your chalkboard and get to writing. I spent the most time on this step and ended up writing each number two or three times before I was happy...  because I'm just like that.

Note: I think brush-on chalkboard paint achieves a better surface than the spray version, especially on surfaces that aren't perfectly smooth. If my shapes hadn't already come with one side painted as a chalkboard, I would have taken the extra time to brush the chalkboard paint on the side I was going to write on. Just my two cents!

Last, spray each chalkboard with hairspray to help set the design. The lacquer in an inexpensive (read: dollar store) hairspray will help keep the chalk design from smearing or wiping off.

All in all, a very simple DIY with a really nice end result! Chalkboards are great for rustic themed events but they're still so popular I think you could use them for any sort of wedding.


  1. What a cute idea! I love using chalkboards in my decor. I like your tip about the hairspray. Good to know!

  2. Such a creative idea! This is what I was looking for! You know, sometime you can have some troubles with finding the perfect service to help you out but what a relief to finally get what you need.


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