Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Uppin' the Curb Appeal

Who is knee deep in summer projects? I love working outside when it warms up! I'm about to move into my backyard for some jobs I've got planned, but this past weekend I stumbled across such a good deal that I had to spend an hour or so on my front patio.

I've been looking for a little bistro set for this little brick patio space -- it has sat empty since we bought this house. I was out looking for supplies for a friend's upcoming wedding when I decided to duck into DownEast Home on a whim -- and look at what I found! A metal folding bistro set in aqua on clearance for $112. (I think it must have been fate, the way it was with these shoes.)

Sometimes it just pays to wait for the right piece.

See how sad and full of wasted potential this little spot was before?

A couple hours later, and now you just want to hang out and sip some coffee, right? I don't blame you. It's pretty cute.

I'm especially fond of the orange pansies.

I planted some Creeping Jenny in the raised brick planter behind the table and some ferns and heuchera along the side of the garage.


Now my front yard looks a little more pulled together, although people still refer to my little house as the "cabin-in-the-woods" on the middle of the street. I'm pretty fond of my little cabin and its wild front yard.

Look, it's my fake front house number making an appearance again.

What do you think? Want to come over?


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