Saturday, July 13, 2013

Four Notes

Four things to start this weekend off right:

1. Clearance sales can still be expensive when you buy 25 plants:

As you can see though, my backyard gardens really need some love. At least there's something there now.

I don't want to talk about the pathway. I swear, it'll get done. Wah.

2. In April, when I made the decision to get a teeny dog from the shelter, it was part of a master plan. See, my giant slobbery dog stresses me out and sheds constantly even though she loves me unconditionally, and my neurotic cat sits and plots my demise while grinding her teeth and licking plastic grocery bags at 1:30 am. So the obvious solution to my pet woes would be to find a catdog that could magically merge the best qualities of both animals into one furry creature. People laughed, people said I was crazy...

...but I was right. Violet is pretty much the best catdog in the world. Just saying.

3. Here's a little peek at my living room, which is going through some changes right now.

My husband just loves it when I start moving things around! It always ends with me saying things like, "I think we need a new coffee table. And a bigger rug."

4. I'm going camping this weekend... that should be fun, right? Think good bear-repelling thoughts for me!

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