Sunday, July 7, 2013

It's In The Details: Rustic Industrial Tables

Oh, y'all. I'm climbing the walls with an overwhelming urge -- no, a need -- to make one of these for my house. They're rustic! They're trendy! They're industrial! I'm crushing on these hard.

I see a lot of DIY farmhouse tables with planked tabletops that are stained or treated to look like reclaimed wood, which I love... but today I stumbled across one with $10 metal legs (ten dollars each, y'all!) and I quickly fell down the rabbit hole. Come join me!

Custom Bar Table via Urban Wood Goods

DIY Table with Hairpin Legs via A Beautiful Mess

DIY Pipe Table (with plans!) via Cafe Cartolina

Oy, that last one with the crossbars. I die.

Even Restoration Hardware is getting in on the trend (they must have heard me talking about it) with their gorgeous Flatiron Table, which is just a teensy bit out of my price range...

What do you think? Am I nuts or is this a delightful marriage of rustic and industrial? Who wants to help me convince my husband that we need one?


  1. Oh my! If Le Husband denies your household's need for one, I'll be happy to order one so you can get your DIY kicks. ;)

  2. We built one, reclaimed thick wood and the ten dollar legs. However the ten dollar legs don't physically attach to the table (and they take up a lot of leg real estate) so I'm switching them out for hairpins from etsy shortly. You can see our process here if you're interested:

  3. I'm eyeing a similar one at world market

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Um. Yes. I'm sold. These are gorgeous.


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