Wednesday, July 3, 2013

June Recap Part 2

The last week of June gets its own post because it was hectic.

Like I said in yesterday's part 1, the day we got home from Jackson I packed myself back up and took off for Salt Lake. Monday morning, I caught a flight to Indianapolis for a blogger event hosted by Delta Faucet.
I had an amazing time with the other ladies and Delta Faucet took such great care of us. They made us install faucets and what my team lacked in plumbing prowess we made up for in panache and a couple extra parts (my bad... apparently there shouldn't be parts left over.)

The team: our Delta engineer "helper" Ben, Kim from Newly Woodwards, me, Julia from Chris Loves Julia, and Hillary from The Friendly Home (hard at work, saving our behinds)

Seriously though, learning about the design process, touring their department and getting some exciting sneak peeks of upcoming designs (excited about faucets? Yeah, I just said that and totally meant it) was enough to make me want to be a designer when I grow up.

 (Judd Lord, Director of Industrial Design)

I shared my flights home with Monica from Hammer Like A Girl and Michelle from 4 Men 1 Lady. Monica helped keep both Michelle and I calm during the flight because she is all sorts of knowledgeable about planes and Michelle and I are big scaredy cats. Really though, some of the sounds planes make midflight aren't okay. Oh, and I spilled my entire Diet Coke on my lap... yeah, I'm sort of the coolest thing ever.

We got back to Salt Lake Wednesday evening and I hustled my behind over to Park City to spend the next several days immersed in wedding plans and celebrations!


It was wonderful. I met my friend Menaka in first grade and she's still very dear to me, so it was a special weekend. I didn't get to take many photos though!


Some highlights:
  • I got to see some old friends!
  • I bossed people around (coordinator) while carrying around glasses of champagne (guest).
  • I finally learned to Dougie. (probably not, though.)

Some lows:
  • I ate my first oyster and all the champagne in the world couldn't wash the taste out of my mouth... trust me, I tried.
  • I scuffed up my new shoes. I'm still upset.
  • I had to spend several hours cleaning up my hotel room so housekeeping wouldn't permanently bar me from visiting again.

My July plans: 
  • Avoid all July plans.


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