Monday, August 12, 2013

My New Delta Faucet

Okay, friends... remember this trip?

Delta was such a gracious host to all of us when we were visiting them in Indianapolis for the blogger event.


While we were there, they took us to an amazing restaurant for dinner one night and presented us all with gifts.

Yeah, I was pretty excited. We got to pick a shower head with Delta's H20 Kinetic Technology and a Touch20 kitchen faucet. So obviously, my facial expression in the above photo makes perfect sense. Talk about perfect timing for this girl who is currently knee-deep in the world's longest kitchen remodel.

Last month I got this in the mail:

And last week it finally turned into this:

I can tell Delta is working hard to make their faucet installation as simple as possible. I could have done it all by myself if I needed to. There was a full color booklet with step-by-step drawings, and the parts were all in small bags organized by when you needed them during the installation process.

I won't lie, it was also pretty nice to be able to put it together on the kitchen floor instead of under an existing sink! In the above photo, you can see the black box that houses whatever fancy magical parts are responsible for the touch response of the faucet -- the only thing missing is the battery pack that plugs into the end of that wire.

I love the clean lines of this more contemporary faucet paired with the classic look of my new counters, and I'm officially addicted to having a touch faucet. Delta provided the faucet, but I'm being 100% honest when I say that I think their touch technology is second to none.

My five year old loves being able to wash his hands in the kitchen without needing a stool to reach the handle, and I love being able to turn it on by tapping when my hands are dirty.

So now that I've shared my love story with this new favorite toy, tell me: what kitchen product or feature can't YOU live without?


  1. Love how your kitchen is coming together! What type of sink is that?

  2. I've had one of these for over two years and love it! The batteries last forever. You will not be disappointed.


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