Monday, July 25, 2011

Extreme-ish Makeover: Treehouse Edition

Were you up all night trying to figure out what my weekend clue alluded to? Of course you were.

I convinced my husband that Saturday would be a perfect day to tear up the boys' treehouse and make the exterior cuter. And surprisingly, he agreed. After I got over my shock, we dove right in. The entire project took a (longish) afternoon.

Yes, I realize it's not actually a treehouse. But it's a house surrounded by trees so 'treehouse' it is, because my kids don't like it when I call it a playhouse. (They prefer 'secret clubhouse where no girls can come inside except mom because she's mom' but that's a bit wordy for my tastes)

Here's a photo of the treehouse before it went through its makeover, just to refresh your memory:

I've wanted to add a window to the treehouse since we bought our home, for both cuteness factor and transparency; right now I'd like to see my cute kids and not worry about them, but I also wanted it for when they are teenagers and I start eyeing them suspiciously when they suddenly decide the treehouse is cool again. Pfffft. Yeah right, dudes.

The entire process consisted of removing the interior wall, cutting a rough opening and building a frame out of a single 1x6, then adding pieces of 1x4 to create the look of four window panes (for cuteness and safety), screwing the frame into the treehouse studs, cutting a matching hole in the interior wall and then replacing it, and adding some trim (1x3 furring strips -- I like to do things on the cheap. It's a treehouse. It's rustic, y'all.)

Oh, I also painted a lot. I used spray paint because it's oil-based and interior/exterior, and I didn't have to go buy special brushes or get super messy ('cause that's how I paint). I used the ultra-professional combination of painters' tape and pieces of scrap posterboard to paint the trim that was attached to the treehouse while standing on a ladder, and then painted everything else I could on the lawn before installing it.

The door is bright green, because my husband vetoed my initial choice of aqua. He said it wasn't "manly" enough for a miniature man cave (since he wants to move his computer outdoors now? Boys.) I pointed out that it couldn't be too entirely manly on the outside because it came with gingerbread trim and that hunter green was tooootally out of the question, so we compromised on this fun leafy green color.

But really, how cute would aqua have been?

My idea for a flower box under the window has also been shot down by the powers that be. Bah.

My husband is going to help the boys decorate the inside a la scout camp. I've been told that I don't get any input, even though I totally came up with the scout camp idea, helloooo. I consider this to be a gross miscarriage of design justice. I'm certain that I possess a manly decor muscle even if it's sort of puny and weak (maybe that's why I can't do a pull up!).  I know how to buy tin signs with fish on them and avoid floral throw pillows, and I guess I could even avoid the color aqua if it offends.

(oops, hey there toes.)

It's me versus the mister now, peeps. We'll see whose decor ideas reign supreme. For now though, I'm content to see this little surprise pop of cuteness outside my window every morning.

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  1. THAT is adorable. You are full of awesome, sis.

  2. soo cute! I mean...What a man cave! ;) We also updated our once playhouse turned chicken-coop back to playhouse this summer, it is now the epitome of girlishness: pink with white trim, i'll have to post pictures sometime so you can see it. :)

  3. It looks so much more welcoming (maybe that's a bad thing for little boys? lol). But it seriously looks great.

  4. You've got some lucky kids! I love the green door.

  5. Oh my gosh - I want one! So cute- my kids would love this!

  6. I love it! make sure to put something over the window to protect the carpet from rain!

  7. This is AWESOME!! My boys would love this... pinning it to show my husband now :)
    Laurie @ Gallamore West

  8. love reading ur posts, not only for the diy factor (which is awesome) but bcos they r so funny. ;-)

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