Hi there, inquiring mind.

I'm Anna. I have a dog, a neurotic cat, and some chickens. More importantly I have two wonderful and silly boys. I really like water and especially beaches, and think you should too. It's just common sense.

I'm a regular girl, but that doesn't stop me from ripping holes in walls and trying my hand at power tools while I work toward creating a home out of my little house. I believe in being authentic, no matter what the trends may be. I believe in mixing things up to keep it interesting and figuring out how to DIY things that would otherwise cost a whole bunch. I believe less is more; there can always be too much of a good thing... except doughnuts. Maybe even doughnuts. But probably not.

I love:
  • reading lots and lots of books
  • the ocean
  • my sweet kids
  • small dogs that don't bark (related: I also love unicorns)
  • fires (in pits or fireplaces, not in a general arson sense. No need to call the authorities)
  • coffee
  • thunderstorms
  • doughnuts (maple bars, holla!)
  • being right
  • shopping
  • shoes
  • lists
  • wine
  • sitting on top of heat vents when it's cold out
  • fancy cheese
  • writing parenthetically (can you tell?)

I do not love:
  • feet, because they can be sort of gross sometimes
  • folding laundry, as it may be the worst thing ever
  • cleaning floors
  • unpacking
  • making decisions, unless they're for someone else
  • taking myself too seriously
  • doughnut stealers

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