Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Quick Storage Upgrade

My boys are pretty hard on their belongings. Heck, they're pretty hard on my belongings.

Really, my boys are like two child-sized furniture staining/breaking/scuffing/dirtying tornadoes.

Maybe you have some kids like that? If so, you understand the need to surround them with sturdy things. I made a quick, easy upgrade to the storage bins in my boys' closet which get a lot of daily wear and tear.

When I first put the closet together I filled the shelves with some clearanced fabric bins -- they had metal frames inside them which probably would have held up okay against mere mortals, but we're dealing with my boys here, so several of the frames had snapped where they had been soldered together.

Recently, I found some cute metal locker-style bins at Walmart and snapped up six.

To help my kids tell their bins apart I wrote their initials on some chalkboard tags which I tied to the bins with twine.

Five minutes later and the closet has a fresh new look. I'll add felt slides to the bottom of all the bins to help protect the closet's paint job, but I didn't have enough on hand when I threw these together.

I love them! I'm also pretty optimistic that the solid metal bin will hold up better against my children and their destructive tendencies.

If only new bins could restore the harmony to the space! My older son officially asked for his own room this week. I giggled, because I'm a bad mom.


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