Tuesday, July 2, 2013

June Recap Part 1

I don't know about you, but in my world the month of June just flew by, and I am so grateful to be staring at July on my calendar now! I'm breaking this recap post into two parts because I have too much to share and too many photos.

 School let out at the end of the first week...

We celebrated by visiting Grandma & Grandpa and spending some time at the local pool, then stuffing ourselves full of ice cream.

I filled all the free time I had with wedding preparations and cabinet painting for the facial room I'm decorating. My days were consumed with excessive caffeine consumption while hopping back and forth between projects. ("the cabinets need time to dry, I'll work on table numbers!")

I took our new shelter dog Violet to get her first haircut. They shaved her body, which was sort of traumatic for me... but when I look at her "before" face I can't help but laugh because she looked so, so bad!

Then I got my first tattoo. I'll be sharing the story behind why I chose it soon.

My family was lucky enough to spend a weekend in Grand Teton National Park at the Jackson Lake Lodge with my husband's company for their annual family meeting. This was the first year we took our kids, and although there are babysitting services set up for the "grown up" times and lots of family activities, it wasn't quite as relaxing as years past! I had a great time but they might go back to Grandma's next year... no judging!

The park was goooorgeous, we saw a mama Grizzly with three cubs, rode on covered wagons to dinner and a western show, and caught up with lots of fabulous people. Oh, and my husband accidentally drank my contact when he forgot that I had stored them in cups overnight because I had misplaced my case.

(See the bears at the bottom?? Click the photo to make it a little bigger.)

The day we drove home from Wyoming, I spent a few hours unpacking and repacking my clothes and the 700 pounds of wedding paraphernalia I had accumulated before taking off for the busiest week of. my. life. No exaggerations, people... and that's where I'll pick up tomorrow!


  1. Uhg, really disappointed with the tatooI was hoping this fad was on it's way out.

  2. First of all, adore the tattoos!! Body adornment has been around thousands of years--that makes it decidedly NOT a fad. Next, if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. Love the pics! And no judgment coming from me. I love a weekend with just my husband and I.

  3. The family picture is wonderful. You could not find a more perfect background if you tried. The poor pooch got shaved. I bet that she can see a lot better. I love the tattoos they are very delicately done.

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