Thursday, September 9, 2010

Me vs. dog

Is it just me, or are puppies pretty much irresistible? I'm pretty sure it's not just me. Look at that face:


That's Maggie, our golden retriever. Her full name is Miss Maggie Moo Dinga. When we got her last August, our oldest son really wanted to name her Dinga. Really wanted to, as in 'face-crumpled-and-sobbing-began-when-I-said-no'. It was an easy compromise, though -- pick your battles, right?

Well now she's older, and her otherwordly cuteness has decreased dramatically. Don't freak out, I still love her 'cause she's our dog and she's sweet and slobbery and sheds a lot and she lets my kids try to ride her like a horse.

But really, Maggie. That? That big hole in the grass that's now covered in cayenne pepper? I know who did that.

Don't walk away from me while I'm talking to you.

Yeah, that's right. Have a seat, let's chat. That digging in my (new!!!) grass? It's got to stop. Because I know that there are about a billion more of those holes scattered throughout my lawn. And really, I'm not okay with that. The cayenne pepper is already out, and I'm not afraid to pull out the bitter spray.

You are no longer small and cute like mini-jars of peanut butter, baby bunnies, or small erasers shaped like ice cream cones.  And the only dogs that can get away with stuff like that at my house look like this:


  1. hahaha love it! You're lucky you have a dog, we're not allowed to have one til Sophie is at least 5 meany head jk cory just knows that i'd pull my hair out if i had another "baby" in the house.
    THANK YOU for the comment on the kitchen and i'm glad you like where the microwave is i WILL be showing your post to cor when he gets home cause i had to fight him for that- he wanted one of those hideous microwave/hood that go directly over the stove bleh! ;P

  2. Oh, be glad -- being home with two kids and a puppy nearly drove me batty. It was SO HARD and I would never recommend it. Next time I'll be going to the shelter and getting an adult :)


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