Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Happy Boo-rthday!

Hardy har har. I'm hilarious, aren't I? Happy boo-rthday. Snort.

Take a gander at what I'm working on this week that has my knees knockin' in my boots...

Is that silly that planning a kid's birthday party terrifies me? Yes, my baby is only turning three... but I'll have several older, more discerning children there as well. And I don't want to be known as the mom who throws lame parties. I've got a rep to maintain establish.

I am not someone who worries about tablescapes or sews cute buntings to use as cake decorations. Cute? Absolutely. Practical and in line with my limited skills? Um, absolutely not.

So I'm trying to finalize my last minute list of simple-esque plans (I do love a good list!) so that I can divide and conquer. If you have any fabulous ideas for snackables, treats, or games... send 'em on over. I beg of you.

Here's a bit of what I'm thinkin' right now...

(Mummy Dogs From Our Best Bites)

(Imagine these with one-color banana bread? Cuter-than-mine-will-be cupcakes from Our Best Bites)

(Frankenstein Punch from Be Different...Act Normal)

(Coolest Halloween bowling ever from Jeanetics)

Who am I kidding? I'm for sure going to be the lame party-thrower on the block. Oh well, it's better than being the cat lady... I suppose.

Psst... guest room reveal, tomorrow!


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