Monday, October 25, 2010

I've got nothin'

Okay friends, it's a Monday. And it really is a Monday for me too, because I am not cool enough to have tons of posts written and ready to go at a moments notice, and I did not write something last night, as was my plan.

What I Learned This Weekend
an essay in the classic bulletpoint style

  • It is really hard to find a smaller milk crate-style basket that still has some height; I'm looking for 11x11, 15 inch or less deep. Is anybody out there better at finding baskets than I am?
  • When I get hungry and tired, I get cranky. Like eat-your-head-on-a-platter-for-lunch cranky. I'm aware though, and do my best to control my beast.
  • I can't pack lightly. I had 5 pairs of shoes for a two-night stay at my parents' home.
  • I really do hate unpacking.
  • Driving in rainstorms is scarier if I'm the passenger -- it's a control thing, people. Did you know I liked to be in control? Hi, I'm Anna. Nice to meet you.
  • Lightning? Still scares me (don't tell my kids). By "scares me" I mean I buckle the kids into their seats and crawl through the car into the front seat rather than walk around and risk facing certain doom at the hands of Zeus and his lightning bolts.
  • When the aforementioned scary wrath of Zeus does strike a home (for example, your sister's home a block or two away from yours), it melts useful things like wires and large appliances. And it can even start fires.
  • Did I mention I was reaaaally scared of lightning?
  • It is not a good idea to drive 2 1/2 hours to decorate a room, forgetting the gallon of custom-colored paint in your basement and locking all the doors before you have checked (and double checked, probably) that your neighboring sister does indeed have a working key to your home.
  • Pesky carnival-won goldfish can go for several days in a locked home without food flakes.
  • Sauerkraut. Never tried it? It's mushy, and sour...and that about sums it up.  Color me underwhelmed.
  • I should never fill my house with treats and goodies, because I'm not one of those lucky (crazy) people who can walk by said goodies without grabbing a few. Every time.
  By the way, I did defeat the ugly guest room last weekend...

...and aside from the fact that my last minute paint color selection did not have nearly enough yellow in it (sigh) and was not nearly as cute as my original choice (that remained safely locked inside my home all weekend), it looks okay. As soon as the new carpet is installed this week I'll share pictures.

Hope everybody has a good Monday!


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