Friday, November 5, 2010

Time (mis)management

Okay ladies, I need your help in a bad way.

I'm detail oriented, I loooove making lists, and yes, I am one of those girls who puts ridiculous things on her to do list that she's already accomplished just so she can cross them off (Zip up jeans? Check!)

Why on earth do I have such a hard time staying on task during the day? 

I've tried flylady a few years ago, and my control journal worked for a while, sort of. I think that having things written down in a list helps me hold myself accountable for what I need to be accomplishing each day, since I am like a human-squirrel combo who easily gets distracted by all things shiny, pretty, or shaped like a book. And I will say that when my routine works, it works. I am awe-inspiringly productive. It's a beautiful thing.

But when I get behind or feel overwhelmed with my life, I inevitably drop all the plates I'm trying to spin simultaneously. My house gets messy, the laundry piles up until I'm wearing running skirts to the grocery store, and I consider serving my family condiments for dinner. (That grocery store trip I took in running clothes? I only remembered chocolate and microwave popcorn because I was so stressed out I forgot. my. list.)

Am I alone in this vicious cycle?

Do you have any tips to help this chronic list-making procrastinator out?

Do you have any condiment-only dinner recipes to share?

Do you think I'm setting myself up for failure by writing up routines like this (yes, I'm sharing!) or should I just accept that nothing works 100% of the time and everybody occasionally has their running skirt-and-popcorn types of days?

Daily Personal Routine


  1. i'm all about lists too! Do you get a little "runner's high" when you can cross something off? I DO! but can't offer you any advice on staying on task cause both the kiddos are napping right now and instead of prepping dinner and finishing painting our mudroom i'm on the computer checking emails/facebook/and reading your lovely blog. :)

  2. I thrive on procrastination. I envy people like you with your lists and you organization and your tidy kitchens. :)

  3. I got nuthin for you. No-thing. I am drowning in my own to-do's.
    I think you're doing a great job!

  4. Wow, girl! You've got quite the routine. Let's just say, I'm amazed you can get your kids up, eat breakfast and post to your blog in such a short amount of time! (This comment alone will take me 5 minutes!) I'm definitely a list girl too. I like a neat and tidy house but I'm all about taking it a tad easy when things are crazy or I just need a break. The thing that helps me the most is to clean when needed as opposed to saying I "must" do it on said certain day just because that's what my list says. This means I clean the kitchen up quite often (like 3-4 times a day) but maybe not so much my bedroom since it probably gets less wear than other rooms. I also try to do just one load of laundry per day so I don't find myself drowning in it at the end of every week.

  5. Yikes, that is one structured list. I think I make lists like that in my mind, daily, but I would probably go insane if I actually printed it and saw how many I didn't check off. It does feel good to check things off, but some days you just can't get motivated to do it all, I wish I had the answers, I would write a book and make millions :)

  6. I tend to overanalyze things and that can really come back to haunt me... I have a hard time prioritizing things (urgent vs. important) and I tend to get sidetracked doing more interesting things (looking through my newest PB catalog!) rather than what needs to get done right then (dusting. blah.) -- I worry that if I don't have a general outline of what I should be doing, I won't get ANYTHING done ever!! Haha :)

  7. Anna, I loved reading your schedule! It looks so much like many I've scribbled on random notebooks... and not followed so well most of the time... I don't have any help for you in the staying on task arena, but something that's helped me not stress out/feel guilty about things is turning the word "should" into "could." Such as: I "could" be cleaning my house right now, but I'm reading this blog instead. It makes me happy, anyway. P.S. I love your blog!

  8. Is there a name for this, because so many of us seem to have it! Looking for a solution myself, but the bad part is, even when I write things down in a million places I still forget to do them or get distracted! Can you explain what the flylady thing is?

  9. Condiment only dinner recipe!! HAhaHAha!

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