Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Recovery

Phew. Does your house look like Christmas threw up or am I alone? I feel like every time I turn around I find new tags and packaging from toys as they get opened up and played with for the first time. The wrapping paper was nothing, it's all this post-holiday shrapnel that's got me going a little crazy.

I hope you all had a beautiful, wonderful Christmas. Ours was great, my boys are just at the most fabulous age and seeing the magic of the holidays through their eyes is something I will remember always.

On Christmas Eve the boys each got to open a special present and here they are showin' off their new jammies and their modeling skills:

The next morning stockings were full, cookies had been eaten and the tree was stuffed to the gills with gifts.

We spent the morning rockin' out...

...and playing with some fun new gifties.

And the best picture of all?

 Fig in her giftie from Santa, can you see how much she loves it?

In other news, the time has come to celebrate after-Christmas sales! I scored some clearanced tall black boots at Target with a little Christmas money. (That sneaky Target, their boots are still full-price online!) Not quite sure what I'm doing wearing skinny jeans tucked into tall boots... the world may be ending as I said I'd never ever do that on account of the junk that I have in my trunk.

But you know, I think they're cute and my sister says they're cute and I'm just going to cross my fingers and hope that she's telling the truth and not secretly sabotaging my cuteness so that she can go out with me and look 10-times better by comparison. Sisters would never, ever do that to each other... right? :)

Unofficial poll time!

Skinny jeans tucked into boots?

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