Thursday, January 20, 2011

Avert Your Eyes... My "Real" Home

Emily at Decorchick is hosting the craziest party this week...a "real homes, real messes, real life" party.

Aaaaand since I'm always up for a little full-disclosure humiliation ('cause I'm shameless like that), I present for your viewing pleasure.... my house. As is. Eep.

(complete with water bottles and cookies that I should not be eating)

Dining Room
(and um, yeah -- the Valentine's printables are still on the dresser from when I took photos of them days ago. Laaaame.)

Living Room

What My Floors Always Look Like

Front Room
(halfway through de-curtainification)

Master Bedroom
(no I do not like to make my bed, thank you very much!)

Guest Bedroom
(nope, no guests recently -- we just don't believe in made beds I guess. My kids helped me out with this one.)


The Boys' Room
(They don't get to go to the library on Saturday if they don't sort this out. I like to shut the door so I don't have to look at it, is that so wrong?)

And here we go... saving the worst best for last. Sigh.

The only room I'm sharing from my basement today is my ugly storage room. The other rooms down there are pretty much empty (we have big plans though!) so there's no real point in sharing... but the storage room? Oh, baby... it's bad. It was super organized until November, and then the downward spiral began. Ouch.

Storage Room

Phew. That was strangely cathartic.

Now go check out other "real homes" at Decorchick!


  1. Oh thank you! I was starting to get a complex. I subscribe to alot of "crafty" blogs and the homes, of corse, are picture perfect so it's nice to see that you bloggers, who make things and maintain spotless homes live in reality. whew!

  2. I just thought "what a lovely home she has" as I viewed your post. So not as bad as mine. Feel good sister!

  3. Oh you made my day! I feel better already. Mine is worse than yours,but it's nice to know I'm in good company!

  4. Seriously - not bad at all! I can't bring myself to photograph my mess. I need therapy first. :)


  5. Ifyou want ME to come eat your cookies for you I would be happy to help. :)

    I like your house and I like the lived in look.

  6. Ha, I think we have about three random potties strewn about the house at any given moment, and not even in an out-of-the-way spot like a storage room!

  7. Your house looks so cute and hardly messy at all! Little children's toys strewn about looks happy to me! :) BTW, what is the paint color in your kitchen? I love it!

  8. Your home is beautiful--messes and all!! A friend recently told me that we love going to homes that aren't perfectly clean because it makes us feel comfortable. Your home is gorgeous and comfortable!


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