Friday, January 7, 2011

Paint, Hamburger Helper, and My Meddling Subconscious

I was all sorts of ready to post today about paint colors for my living room and present you with some perfectly nice and unoffensive color options... but I've apparently had some sort of epiphany. A paint color epiphany!  There's a slight chance it wasn't a true epiphany, I might just be hormonal, but either way I need another day to sort through this mish mash of crazy emotions and put together a post. Bear with me, okay??

Allow me to briefly explain: The colors I had chosen were some nice beiges -- not blah beige, but still beige. I've never really done beige, but for various reasons (to be explained in my next crazy rambling, possibly nonsensical post) that was what I was leaning toward for this room, this time.

But then, one dark and stormy night.... or in reality Wednesday night, which wasn't stormy at all... I had a dream. A crazy dream where my house was painted colors (fancy that!) -- not beige at all, but colors. The colors that I liked and that made me feel happy, and they all complemented each other, and there may or may not have been some little dancing people, and the point was it was a good dream, okay?

(Source: the nest Forum)

Fast forward to yesterday.

Yesterday morning I stumbled upon this great website called Pure and Lovely, and I fell in love with this woman and her hilarious blog. Stalkerish love. As in Ashley is my new best friend but doesn't know it yet and we're going to go out to lunch with Stacy London (another bestie of mine) and laugh and talk about trends and colors and high heels and earrings and it'll be like a commercial for something random like Hamburger Helper that doesn't make any sense at all. (Whaaa? No sense? Hamburger Helper totally allows you to have more time for earring talk over chef salads with your girlfriends, for suuuure.)

Anyway, I found this site and I looked at the pictures of her house saturated with fabulous color and I read her hi-larious posts and I knew! It was my subconscious (and then Ashley) telling me to be true to myself, y'all. And also to never get turtles for my children because no good can come from it.

Anyway. I'm thinking maybe 'no' on the beige but in case my crazy dream was indeed just hormonally induced, I'm still gonna poll the audience. Give me a day to eat some chocolate, sort through my emotions and regroup. We'll chat.

P.S. Did you know Winco's storebrand version of Hamburger Helper is called Panburger Partner? Does that make anyone besides me laugh every. single. time?? It better.


  1. lol.. ok I laughed even though I had no idea what Winco was. ;)

  2. You don't like beige at all. What in the world are you thinking? Do the color because then you won't be repainting it in a couple of months. I know you... you will call in a panic attack. ;)

  3. COLOR all the way, baby! No more beigeland. When my hubby and I bought our house we loved the neutral beige, two years later, I am going crazy! It feels so dull and lifeless....I say again: C.O.L.O.R.

  4. YAY for colour! (And for Pure + Lovely, great site.) Maybe you could pull off those amazing horizontal blue stripes, too! :) Can I come to the Hamburger Helper commercial lunch, preeez?

  5. Oooh, I'm not sure I've graduated to the big leagues and could pull off blue stripes yet!! :) And of coooourse you can come to the lunch, haha!

  6. Well, you must be my new BFF because Stacy London is totally my BFF! Thanks for the f u n post!



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