Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Change In Bedding

For the last year or so, the cute hubster and I have had West Elm's pintucked duvet and shams on our bed.

Cute, right?

 If only it were all about looks. Le. sigh.

Bear with me for a moment while I explain why I decided to make a change, since I will surely be tarred and feathered for being the only person in the world who doesn't unconditionally love and adore the pintucked bedding trend that's happening right now.


There are lots of things that the pintucked bedding had going for it: it was pretty and white, it added great texture to the room, and the bed looked nice when it was made. I wanted oh so badly to love it with all my heart.

There was one major con though, and it was a big enough deal that it ruined the whole pintucked-bedding-experience for both me and my husband. This duvet cover was so delicate, almost every time one of us would try to pull it up or move it around, I would hear a 'riiiiip' as one of the stitches either popped or ripped through the cotton.

Admittedly, our footboard may have contributed to this problem since the comforter and duvet cover would work their way down and get wedged between the mattress and footboard, which would make it more difficult to pull up. But even at night, something as simple as pulling the duvet cover back over me would, more often than not, result in more tearing. And since I live with a blanket hog, I was pullin' on that duvet cover all the time!

I want to be able to live in my bed. Not literally, of course; having people bring me breakfast in bed would be a total drag, don't cha think? HA. I kid. But really folks, I want a soft, inviting, livable bed, not one that I'm afraid to flop down on with a book. The pintuck bedding is beautiful, and I think it would work great in a guest room, but it just wasn't right for our bedroom.

And that? Is why I bought new bedding. It's still white, and though it's not as texturally interesting or forgiving when the bed is made, it does have a nice little embroidered detailing.

The best part of the new bedding is definitely how it fits into our life. I can climb into bed with a book or relax with my kids without worrying about the structural integrity of a pintuck. 

What do you think? Are you lining up to tar and feather me now? Have I committed a major offense against the pintuck bedding lovers of the world? Or are you a fan of bedding that's (gasp) comfortable and soft too?


  1. So glad to know this since I was looking at the pintucked for our bed--now I will look for something different! I definitely want soft and comfortable!!

  2. I really don't like the pintuck look as it always looks a bit messy to me and not that cute, staged, messy.

    I really like the new bedding, but again I like a smooth, crisp looking bed. So if you get tarred and feathered, then so should I!

  3. Pretty is great, but it's gotta function well, too -- especially for something that's used every day, er, night.

  4. I JUST bought the pintuck duvet cover for our bed a few weeks ago lol. But I'm having a coverlet made and planning on having our duvet cover folded in thirds at the foot of the bed so hopefully it'll work for us- haven't had any popping yet. :) love how your new cover looks, you always have cute decor!

  5. It ceases to be cute if you can't use it! :)

    The pintuck is lovely, but I agree with you - great for a guest room. I do like the new stuff you picked out - and the calm blue is a nice touch.

  6. Wow, I am so glad you posted this! I've wanted a cute, pintucked bedspread for a while but that would drive me crazy too! Funny how things can "look" so cute in magazines, but be so hard to actually live with in real life. =)

  7. I love the new bedding. I too need a duvet cover that I can live with. I have a denim one because we have a great Dane who LOVES to take the place of whoever is the first to get up in the morning. So, our bedding has to take not only our tugging and pulling but the abuse of a 175 pound dog jumping on and off every morning, lol.

  8. Comfort comfort comfort. It's definitely about the comfort for me (& your new bedding proves that comfortable can be pretty & stylish too).

  9. I like the new one better, it's a little more classy looking. I looked at both at one time too.

  10. this info is pure gold! I was considering pintucked sheets but my hubs and I FIGHT hardcore for the comforter! so much that I imagine we would rip all the seams of the new pintuck comforter!

    ok so yeah - you saved me mucho monies! thanks anna!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  11. Wow-I've always loved that west elm bedding, had no idea it would have that problem. The new bedding looks great!

  12. I have Peacock Alley bedding that is embroidered and such, it is tearing like crazy. I agree, as beautiful as it is, it is not practical.

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  14. Wow! nice bed. If I have that bed, then I will sleep all day. It looks so clean and comfortable. Although, it seems too pretty to be used, know what I mean?


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