Tuesday, May 10, 2011

House Tour

I'll be adding a house tour to Take the Side Street in a permanent position tomorrow, but since I've never done anything like this I wanted to go ahead and post it too... enjoy!

We bought our home in the summer of 2009 when we fell in love with its charm. Ever since then we've been making slow but steady progress to update it and remove the hunting lodge vibe (which my husband was okay with, anyone surprised?).

I don't know if we've actually completed one single room, due to my chronic ailment: shiny-thing-loving-distractable-squirrel-self...osis. But here's how it looks right this very second. Or, you know... recently.

Front Yard

Living Room

We've been working on the living room for 2 years now, no joke. Raise your hand if you just want it to be done...

That was me, raising my hand in case you didn't see it. We are oh-so-close to being done. The windows and doors are trimmed out now, but there's no baseboard. The two built-in cabinets housing electronic components need doors. I want cuter pillows and a slipcovered sofa that's a touch smaller, but that last one will probably have to wait.


We'll be knocking down a couple walls in the kitchen to open it up to the surrounding rooms and we'll also replace most everything... just not yet. So far we have painted walls and cabinets, the dishwasher and leaky faucet have been replaced, and that's about it.

Also, I'd just like to announce that the big square light in the kitchen is not a flourescent light, it's a killer skylight that opens by remote control. Yet another reason I lurve my house.

Dining Room

All we've done in the dining room is replace the light fixture and paint the walls, which has already made a big difference. I have some plans in this room's future, though...

Upstairs Bathroom 

Our upstairs bathroom required a a mini overhaul which you can read about here, and this room is almost done. I need to install baseboard here too, and finish caulking around the tile backsplash.

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom needs (wait for it...) baseboard! Plus I haven't painted the crown moulding yet (I apparently have an aversion to trim?). So to answer your question, no the crown is not supposed to be MDF-brown. I'm not trying to start some crazy weird trend, I'm just lazy!


  1. Amazing transformation. Love the kitchen cabinets and the wall color in the bedroom-- where did you get the bed frame-- love it!

  2. Thank you! The bed frame is actually from Pier 1, years and years ago.

  3. I love the wood above your bed! I pinned it on Pinterest! : )

  4. y'all have done SO much work. Really wonderful retrospective photo tour! I'm just impressed.

  5. can i ask about the window treatments in your dining room? fabric? and details on how they were made?

  6. I actually made the window treatments -- let me do some digging and I'll find the fabric, etc. I could even try to write some instructions.

  7. Wow! Beautiful job so far, revovating an entire house is no small feat. Can I ask what the wall color is in your bedroom? It looks soooo soothing :)

  8. Of course you can ask! The bedroom is painted Sherwin Williams' "Comfort Gray" mixed in Valspar paints. :)

  9. AMAZING! You are just AMAZING!!

  10. Anna I am in LOVE with your house! Its so cozy and warm looking. Looks like the type of house to relax and kick off your shoes but its also elegant and well laid out. Your dining room ceiling is SOOO GORGEOUS! That would've sold me on the house by itself! You guys did an amazing job!

  11. Your hard work has paid off and your house looks great! I especially love the bedroom and have been curious about comfort gray.

  12. Wow, Anna, your updates -- even the temp ones like the kitchen -- are fantastic. What a difference you've made in your home. Well done!

  13. Absolutely amazing! i love how the bright the livingroom and kitchen are AND the dining room. actually, its all amazing. Oh, and the lamp/chandelier thing in the master bedroom is really cool. thanks for sharing!


  14. So I kept saying...oh, this is my favorite after picture, then I'd scroll down only to be amazed again & then that would be my favorite! ha ha! LOVE your style!! AMAZING transformation. I love the outside of your house as it looks like a cozy cabin :)

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