Thursday, August 25, 2011

More Bedroom Shennanigans

Nah, don't worry. You don't need to cover your eyes... nothin' to see here, people.

Nothing... except my bedding switcheroo!

Here's a reminder of how my bedding usually looks:

Down comforter in a duvet on the bed, coverlet folded at the bottom; elegant, clean, simple... 195°F in the summer nights. Vom. (That's my new slang for 'blah.' It's so hip, it's so now.)

So while switching the duvet and the coverlet made practical sense, I think it's a great fresh look for the room. I used to be a serial rearranger so it's nice for me to be able to change things up even if the furniture stays in one boring spot.

Plus the new accent pillow introduces a bright pop of color to the otherwise calm room. Every time I see it I can't help but feel happy. Yellow is so fun. It's so hip and so now.

And sleeping the last few nights has been so much more pleasant. I hate to be hot at night, and I admit that I'm a foot-sticker-outer. I just wish I had thought of changing the bedding oh, say... two months ago!

What small changes have you made lately to bring new life into your space?

P.S. Speaking of changes... should I get bangs? They're so hip and so now. I think we can all tell how I feel about hip and now things.

P.P.S. Are you a foot-sticker-outer too? We should be friends.


  1. Love the yellow pop! What color are your bedroom walls?

  2. I am totally a foot-sticker-outer! But, it's usually a last-ditch effort to cool off because I am still afraid that a monster will come and nibble on my toes. I know. It's pathetic. And, you should totally get bangs! They are awesome. =)

  3. I'm an entire-leg-sticker-outer. I'm always too hot at night. Love the new pillow and the coverlet, great idea for the switcheroo.

    Let us know if you get bangs! You're so adventurous :)

  4. Mikalah, I still run up the basement stairs without looking back when the lights are out, so I respect that. ;)

    Katie, I stick my whole leg out too! I'm so glad to find other people like me out there ;)

  5. I'm absolutely a foot sticker-outer. AND i recently cut bangs. I think that makes me two for two.

    we're changing some things in our dining room--just added some typography that's less than perfect (i did it in microsoft word) but i still love it. thinking of painting dining table legs too.

  6. New follower Ranna here.....Hi! I just got bangs last Sat....I instantly feel younger ;0) Go for it!

  7. Bangs are totally so hip, so now... that's why I took the plunge. L.O.V.E. them... You should do it, I dare ya!

  8. Gah! I just might do it... I go back and forth constantly. Talk about major stress ;)

  9. Such simple beautiful changes make everything worth it! Come see the Ferris Bueller chairs.

  10. You sound just like me! I hate being hot at night, so I usually have my foot stuck out, or even my whole leg. You say you're a serial re-arranger? Or maybe you're a recovering one...ummm, me too! And our bedding is very similar, so I do think we should be friends :)

    Come check out my blog at

    I'm your newest follower, just cause I like your style (and you're a foot sticker-outer)

  11. Go for the bangs. So hip and fresh for fall. :) And if you hate them, there are tons of cute hair pins on etsy.

    I've been purging a lot, and just decluttered all my kids' toys so they can't access things willy-nilly. Now, cleanup is a breeze and play is purposeful. Oh, I smell a new blog post.

    {Found you at A to Z}

  12. I have that exact same dandelion fabric and I'm ready to make a pillow cover with it! I'm changing my bedroom to gray, white and yellow to make it brighter and airier! Love your new look!

  13. You're funny! Just found you from A-Z and you made me laugh, so I'm following your antics now!

  14. I am in L.o.V.e. with your head/foot board! The bedding change up is lovely too, clean and simple.

  15. I just found your blog so I'm catching up on old ones. Yes a foot sticker-outer and tonight with my 3 yr old grandson spending the night with me ("I want to sleep in you bed gwamma!") - can you say - a whole-body sticker outer - how can these little ones be SO hot when they sleep?!
    I'm enjoying your style and look forward to your info as well as your wit!


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