Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Porch Pick-Me-Up (Or, 'Aqua Strikes Again')

My front porch has a fresh new look thanks to a little spray paint. Gosh, I love paint. Is there anything paint can't do? Besides, you know, deliver babies or write novels... I'm talking about paint-related stuff here.

(And just in case you're crazy, please know that my house number has been changed in photoshop)

Here's my porch last fall, and you can see that the adirondack chairs were a nice sagey green color...

But here's a close up:

See how sad my chairs were? They needed some serious love and a fresh coat of paint.

And thanks to Krylon's Catalina Mist spray paint, which might be one of my very favorite colors, even if it's ridiculously hard to find in my town because almost no one carries it except a craft store that starts with "M" and wants $6 a can and has mysteriously stopped issuing 40% coupons right when I needed them most....

... ahem. Thanks to the Catalina Mist paint, which might be one of my favorite colors, I have two new(ish) chairs and a fun pop of color on my front porch!


Oh, and I also have a pot of pansies. I can't forget about that.

Really though, who else loves aqua and bright red together? So fun! Y'all should come over and we'll have some iced tea on my aqua chairs and critique passers-by on their wardrobe choices. It'll be super fun.


  1. Your front porch is so charming! I love your aqua - especially those lamps :)

  2. GORGEOUS!!!!!! I am in love with spray paint, aqua, adirondak chairs, red doors, pansies, AND making fun of people and their questionable fashion. I'll be right over!!!!

  3. Love it -- those are the colors (along with a vibrant orange) that I've been using in the living room and I just adore it. It's so happy, you know?

  4. Love aqua with red- so fun and cheery! What a great looking porch you have!

  5. The aqua is WAY better. So cute. Those are my two favorite colors right now. :)

  6. I love your porch! I would totally love to sit on those fab chairs and discuss fashion or lack thereof in passerby! ha!


  7. I just love that red and aqua color combination! I did a few accessories for our patio with those colors too. What a welcoming and charming little porch you have!
    Jenn :)

  8. Love the aqua and red combo! So fresh and fun together. The chairs look great - has me thinking I need to freshen up my own! :-)

  9. Your porch looks wonderful. The color combo is perfect.

  10. Definitely love the aqua and red together! Your front porch area is so welcoming. :) And kudos to you for changing the house numbers. I usually just block them with an ugly rectangle in Paint. :s Visiting from Thrifty Decor Chick. :)

  11. Love it! Your porch looks so welcoming...and yep...I love the aqua and red together too! Just posted a child's desk makeover in turquoise and red cherries...love the colors!

  12. Love it! So glad there are others out there who aren't afraid of COLOR!! Jana in Texas


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