Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Shoes for Fall - My Latest Obsession

Every once in a while we talk about fashion here on Take the Side Street, because I am secretly a total fashion expert and I like to share my knowledge with my friends. Really.

Okay, you caught me. Every once in a while we talk about fashion because something catches my eye that I can't stop obsessing about and I need someone to say, "girl, I understand -- I love it too, let's both buy one!"

Enter stage left, The Loafer Pump. This has been a fall/winter trend for the past several years, so I don't know why I'm just jumping on the bandwagon today, but here I am. Better late than never! If you already bought a ticket for this ride, make room for little old me.

So cute. More my style than the oxford pumps I obsessed about in 2009 (oh yeah, that's where I've been for the last few years...) but still retaining a little of the menswear styling that we love so much this time of year.

Check out these cute loafer pumps with chunky heels:
{A. Report 'Bishop' in Tan for $98.95
B. Mia 'Nolen' in Luggage for $59
C. Boutique 9 'Night' in Green/Green on sale for $126
D. a.n.a. 'Lillian' in Olive for $65}

Or you could go for a spikier heel, which is (of course), still on trend this and every season...

{E. Call It Spring 'Vinti' in Cognac for $49.99 
F. Nine West 'Abalene' in Medium Natural Leather for $89}

And then there's the one I sort of fell head over heels for... I do love a good wedge.
{Lucky Brand 'June' in Tortoise for $119}

I loooove the Bishops (A -- tassels!), the Boutique 9s (C -- the green and the seam on the toe both make my head spin) and of course those wedges. OY.

Does anybody else need a pair of loafer pumps (or wedges!) in their closet?


  1. Those are awesome!!! I just bought a pair of tall boots for fall, and I also hear that desert boots are back in action. Fashion is fun!!!

  2. Oh it's not just you! I love the green and chocolates and the wedge can go into a lil pre Christmas stage... :D thanks for a new obsession

  3. man, i'm a sucker for a wedge heel. love it.

  4. i just stumbled across this post while searching google for images of hte lucky brand june wedge. i just scored these on 6pm last night for $29.99!

    also, i had to laugh when i saw the boutique 9 night loafers, as i picked those up a couple months ago!

    i just jumped on the loafer/oxford trend a couple months ago myself (the B9's were my first). i've also purchased the nicole avid wedge in black & grey. super comfy!

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