Thursday, January 26, 2012

Crazity Thrift Store Chair

I keep meaning to write about the chair I found for my boys' room last month, and I keep forgetting to do so. You may have seen it in the curtain post yesterday... but allow me to officially reveal it in all its thrift store glory to you now:

It was $10, y'all. Do you believe that something can be so ugly it's cute? I'm not sure that ugly is the right word for this thing... but it's definitely something. (my husband thinks ugly is the right word, by the way...)

Whatever it is,  I'm a fan. Of the swoopy arms, the crazy olive and teal floral pattern, how obviously retro the whole thing is... I don't even care that it's worn in a few places. I think the shape is fun and if I ever decide to reupholster it (read: pay someone to reupholster it) it will look snazzy. But for now, it's a perfect read-before-bed chair for two little boys.

The one thing I'm planning to do to it soon is replace the rocker with some feet -- my boys keep banging it into the walls on accident. Even if my husband isn't the chair's biggest fan, the boys seem to love it. And helloooooo, what fun colors! It'll fit right into their room makeover.

What do you think? Spill!

(unless you're on team "ugliest chair ever" and then you should click to some of my other fabulous projects and remind yourself that we won't necessarily agree on everything, but we can still be friends!)


  1. Well... I don't think it is that ugly... I have seen worse... I have even had a chair that it was way uglier than this one!! but I get what you say! I think it works well for the boys and their room...and I like the teal color!! and the price!!!

  2. I love the swooped arms and it's shape. It's a very nice chair, and $10?!? My local stores would have asked $25-$35. Total score. I'm not a huge fan of the fabric, but I don't think you're crazy for liking it! ;)

  3. I think it's nice, actually. But I have one question: Did you clean it???? Like steam clean it???

  4. I love it! The color is fantastic, and it looks so cozy!

  5. Not only do I think this chair ROCKS, I also vote you should continue letting it rock! It's a big ole comfy rocking chair, which everyone needs in this lifetime on those terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days. About banging into the wall, though -- since the upholstery's old, how about making pads for the corners where it bangs? Cover foam or even thick sponges with solid, dark terry cloth (cheap washcloths come to mind) and pin them to the back where nobody will see them. Your walls will thank you and so will those rockin' grandkids of mine. xoxo

  6. I agree with nancy....let it rock! makes the chair so much more speical if it is a rocker too. I do however think its lonely and needs either a small side table or pillow to keep it company. :)

  7. I want the scoop on cleaning also. I think it would be so cool to find a nice chair at a thrift store, but it scares me a little too.

  8. Olive and teal... it's so out it's in! I have a chair like that, it's kind of green and yellow and... it's hard to describe. The chair's name is Franklin. The hubs hates Franklin but I will never let him go.


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