Monday, January 16, 2012

Finishing What I Start... 3 Months Later

I promise you, I will stay the course and finish my boys' room... I'm actually working on it right now! (Not literally right now right now, since I'm sitting here typing, but you know... right now. Promise)

The thing is, I'm also finishing up a project I started last October -- yep, before Halloween. As in, I'm the slowest DIYer ever? The kind that refuses to work in the garage when the temperature dips and instead wistfully stares at half finished projects occupying the space where her car should be. The same car she does battle with daily as she attempts to scrape frost from the windshield in order to drive children to school, all the while cursing the stupid project sitting frost-free (and probably under a layer of lazy-dust) on the other side of the garage door.

I'm finishing a pair of nightstands for the master bedroom, and then I'll get back to the bedroom. There's only so much stink eye this girl can handle. My husband was getting less and less impressed with my "awesome nightstand idea!!!" so I had to do something quick. I've really been busting this one out, which usually means I end up taking over the entire house for a few days while laundry piles up and the kids eat Cheetos and juice boxes. Not really. (except maybe really, sort of)

I started in the entry, since nobody needs to use the front door or anything. Pfft.

Then I moved over to the dining room, since the Golden Globes were on. (hellooo, priorities!)

Now I just need to put a top coat on them...

...and finish painstakingly painting the knobs by hand...

(that part sort of sucks)

...and we'll be all set. Can't wait to show you the finished nightstands!
Better late than never, right?


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  2. Can't wait to see, Anna! And don't forget: You're awesome!!

  3. Haha! I can soooo relate. I live in the house of a 1000 unfinished projects. Although 90 % of those I am blaming on the hubbs!

  4. Oh you have no idea how close this post is to home for me! I just this past weekend brought in my nightstands from my garage for the main purpose of parking in the garage rather than scraping snow! HA! Except mine aren't being painted - they're being converted to a desk, and I have no idea when they'll be done. They're sitting in the basement blocking the door to the garage. ;)

  5. Hey, at least you get started! My "Home" list is SOOOO long I seem to be suffering from a serious case of "project paralysis".

    There's the ever-present need for purging & organizing, painting, painting & more painting (entry hall, stairs, upstairs hall, master bedroom, upstairs bathroom, living room, yikes!), shopping (the living room rug & guestroom/playroom futon desperately need replacing) and there are bunk beds to build (ok, that's "Honey Do", but the doin' will only get done with sustained prodding). Phew, I'm exhausted just typing that list!

    I keep hoping your industriousness will rub off on me.

  6. I'm so excited to see what you've come up with for the room! I love your house tour so much that I featured it on my blog
    Feel free to check it out and grab a featured button if you'd like. Happy renos.


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