Monday, January 23, 2012

A Girl Can Dream: Built-in Bunks

Kids love a good bunk bed. Do you?

Regular bunk beds can be extremely practical - great for small spaces (like anything in my house) and shared rooms. But most of them leave me wanting more in the fabulousness department -- they can be big and sort of clunky looking. Is it just me? Yes, I built one for my boys and yes, I've made peace with it (sort of). But I can't admit I don't get miniature design pangs when I stare at fabulous bedroom designs sans bunks.

I will tell you though, there is a type of bunk that leaves me weak in the knees (because I'm officially the world's biggest geek who gets jelly joints over cute furniture). What I really want when I escape into my fantasy and renovate a home on the coast in order to become a professional beachcomber... is a room of built-in bunks. Be still my heart. Who can resist a row of beautiful built-in beds? The charming ones with ladders and rustic sconce lighting? And beautiful architectural details? Oh, how I love them. Love them love them, "pass a note across the desk asking them to be my Valentine and to check yes or check no" love them. 



Do these built-in beds stir the same feelings in you? They feel like summer, and adventure, and fun; all are extremely good things in my world. I would love to own a vacation home with a room of bunks - preferably a home with a view like photo #2's, okay? ;)


  1. I love them. My dad is an architect, and had a book about children's rooms done by other architects and designers. Many of them included these amazing built in bunks or loft rooms. I was so insanely jealous as a kid while going through the pictures. I always wanted a room like that. When I have a vacation home or if we decide to have kids, this is on my list of things to dream of :)

  2. We are planning on building a loft bed for my son this winter, although in his tiny awkward room I doubt it's going to look like a built in! But yes, all of those pics are stunning!! I'm actually getting some inspiration from the curtains in pic #3.... :)

  3. I love bunk beds!! I wish I would have had bunk beds like the ones in the pictures!!
    I have one in my pinterest you might also like... check it out:

  4. Love this idea, too! My mother- and father-in-law have land up North and they plan to build on it someday -- this is exactly what they are thinking to do in the upstairs area -- an entire playroom with built-in bunk beds for all of the grandkids! :-)

  5. I adore these beds. I wish I could do something like this with the older two. However, as 'space-saving' as these built-ins are supposed to be, they're all in a room that has either been designed around them, or is totally enormous. Building a bunk in my bedrooms would involve blocking a closet, a window, or the entrance entirely. Stupid rooms.

    Maybe I should build their beds OVER the entryway and have a tunnel that goes into their room. THAT is a plan they could probably get behind. Holy long comment. Batman.


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