Thursday, August 16, 2012

Collecting Dust--er, Sand...

I'm not a big collector -- I don't have secret shelves full of rare coins or Disney paraphernalia hidden somewhere in my house. Talk about a dusting nightmare. But much to my shock and surprise, I've gone and broken my own rule: I've started a collection.

... A collection that will grow at a nice, slow pace and that other people can't contribute to; in other words, the perfect collection for this serial thrower outer. Do two jars of sand count as a collection or do I need to book a few more emergency collection-justifying vacations ASAP? I'd be willing to do that... you know, if I had to.

I picked up the old bale top canning jars at an antique store on the coast, and lucky me had saved some sand from our visit to California last year -- apparently this plan had been hatching subconsciously for quite a while. Planning gold star sticker for me.

Do you have collections? Are they manageable or overwhelming? Does anyone want to admit to having a stash of 300 cookie jars a la 30 Rock's Jack Donaghy? Come on, spill... especially if your collection is weird. Then you have to share.


  1. I have had multiple collections over the years... In my mid20s, I collected tea pots - all kinds. I think I was up to 25, when I was separating from my (ex)husband and didn't feel like packing them. Collection over; I left them for him to deal with (no passive-agressiveness issues there...). I have collected penguins since I was a little girl - they were different and unique, but that has never been a growing collection (as a 35yr old, I find it hard to justify collecting penguin figurines).... I now collect a couple of things:
    1. Monkeys. I have always (since he was born) called my son monkey, and now that he is moving a whole state away from me, I wear a black diamond (cost me $33!! whoop for me!) monkey necklace and collect monkey items. I also send them to him and his father (who also collects monkeys).
    2. Buddhas. Different ones, shapes, sizes, types... I am hoping that having them (and a Goddess of Compassion or two) will help me maintain my sanity in a time of chaos and stress.
    3. Stationary. Seriously, who actually sends out actual thank you cards anymore? I do. It's kind of a thing I'm known for. And yes, they are hand written with a note & my signature (and sometimes a happy face, depending on my mood).
    4. Vintage dresses/clothes/shoes/stuff. Including a dozen chinese restaurant finger bowls (in storage), random english china tea plates & cups, lots of clothing going on, handbags, and yes, stuff. It's actually stuff I wear/use (other than the house stuff - that's in storage until I finish school and can be a big girl on my own again).
    Ok, yea, I collect stuff. It's kinda compulsive (probably like your compulsion with dusting). I also make lists (in case that escaped you!)!
    =) Jenn

  2. What a pretty little collection -- I love it! :-) Let's see... I don't think I collect much. Except maybe striped shirts. Can that be counted? ;-)

    1. Sure! Then maybe I do collect things... 'cause I love a good striped shirt too ;)

  3. This could be a blow to our friendship but I can't collect. I have some hisical and psychological trait that doesn't allow me to collect things :) The simple idea of collecting has surged from time to time and it doesn't bloom... Really, I thought "I Love door knobs. I could collect amazing and unique door knobs." Got to two and never again felt the urge of having more. Every attempt dies at the beggining of it...
    I think I'm too lazy to collect.

    Don't get me wrong, I like things and don't mind to have them gathering dust somewhere but I'm not a collector.

    The other day a blogger friend sent a lovely idea for tiny suculents in tea cups for a Tea Tablescape suggesting I should try since I enjoy tablescaping (still to share some in my blog) and I told her I couldn't pull that look because I needed mismatched tea cups and I can't stand mismatched things.
    Oh don't run away. I'll leave asking what's wrong with me ahahahah

    Enjoy your weekend.


  4. uh oh...a new collection idea for me!

  5. I have a collection of motar and pestles. They are not on display anywhere, some I use in the kitchen, most are packed up downstairs as I have to small of a kitchen to put them out anywhere. Thats about it really.

  6. Hi there! I've been following you for a while, but I think this is the first time I've commented. Like you, I'm a serial thrower-outer. The thought of collecting little tchotchkes just gives me the hives. I collect nothing...except shoes. I do love my shoes! And of course my cute shoes need cute shoe friends, and then those shoes need friends...I think you can see where this is going, lol!

    1. Trena, I like the way you think ;) And I think by that definition I probably collect shoes too! My rationale isn't so much about the shoes needing friends, it's about all my different possible clothing combinations needing appropriate footwear ;)

  7. I collect snow babies and that is it. I have maybe 30 and they each have a meaning to them (Like the boyfriend I had in HS gave me one with ice skates since he taught me how to ice skate) But my husband... oh that is an entirely different story... and a different post.

  8. I of course had to read the other comments. I adore collecting and am a bit scared to list all the items I do collect. So many items catch my eye and I appreciate the workmanship and skill of old pieces. I do not collect series sold by a company and I don't buy something just to add to my collections, I have to love it, it has to be worth bringing home. I majored in art and worked at a museum for a number of years. I love art.
    I wonder why we are wired the way we are-I have a good friend who views things as dust collectors and that sentiment was echoed by a goodly number of your readers. I am amazed when I visit friends who decorate sparsely and I can appreciate the look, but it amazes me that a space can be so sparse since it is so against my nature.
    I have a huge smile on my face, thinking of my list of collections and whether to post...maybe just a few-bird wall pockets from the 30's, 40's and 50's. Egg cups, old silver plate silverware that I use, interesting dishes and unique, vintage pottery. Old custard cups, bean pots, wooden advertising boxes, unique tea pots, globes, glass milk bottles and advertising tins. There is more, but I don't want to sound too crazy compared to your other readers. Oh, and old jars, like the two you put the sand in. I use them, I hardly have new things when something old can serve the same function.

  9. I used to collect stamps as a child which turned into my father buying me the mint set of US stamps each year. He purchased the sets for many years regardless that my interest in stamps had faded. I recently thought I would sell them and get a little spending money. Unfortunately, they're worth less than the actual cost of the stamps. I guess I'll have to start paying bills with antique stamps.

  10. Great topic. I go to antique malls a few times a year and if I see any glass measuring cups (of the kitchen or laboratory kind) or pyrex coffee or tea pots (some amazing shapes), I will purchase them even though I have no room. They are all usable and are unique. Which is why I buy a lot of second hand clothing as well. I love that these things have been a small part of many lives or at least 2 lives.
    I find most "collections" too fussy - my stepmother had a cabinet full of bells and would go to the bell fancier conventions. They are also an easy out for gift giving. If you tell anyone you collect frogs, then you will wind up with frog mouse pads, frog hats, and frog sunglasses. So I keep my inclinations to myself.
    I can appreciate the sand jars. Good choice.

  11. I think I have the most bizarre collection... novelty ice cube trays. I have stars, skull and crossbones and even brains. There are others, but I won't mention *those.* The great thing is, they're useful, I can store them when I'm not using them, and when we finally build our wet bar, they're all going there. So if you want, say, a pirate themed drink, you get skull and crossbones ice cubes. I'm such a dork...


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