Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bathroom Mini-Makeover {Reveal}

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As promised, I spent Labor Day weekend laboring -- I'll show you what I'm working on outside tomorrow, but today I wanted to unveil the changes I made to our upstairs bathroom. I had asked for your thoughts on painting the vanity a creamy white, and that's just what I did...

I knew I wanted a change, but I still wasn't sure how I would feel about the whole thing. What a pleasant surprise it was to discover that I liked it! I switched out the knobs for a darker set which now makes my bathroom a mix and match wonderland -- something that would have made my eyeballs twitch 7 years ago. Now I like it... but now I also wouldn't buy a matched furniture set. Matching is overrated.

The knobs go with the mirror, the faucet matches the light, we have pops of blue in the tiles, a jewelry bowl, towels and the shower curtain... we're just plain crazy adventurous over here, guys. This is how I get my adrenaline rushes as I will never, ever (ever) do things like jump out of planes or stand over the Grand Canyon or Chicago on clear glass platforms. My stomach is twisting just writing about it... blerg.

I also bought a set of craft finials at Lowe's and turned them into bun-style feet with the help of a vise and a jig saw.

And I cut and installed baseboard -- this is exciting in my world as I'm much better at tearing stuff apart than putting it back together.

My bathroom is so small, I thought I'd share a little glimpse into how I have to take photos -- I call it the 'bathtub wall lean.' I'm gettin' pretty good at it:

P.S. I did seriously consider removing the middle set of doors and adding basket storage -- for a number of reasons it would make the tiny space more functional. Unfortunately, I can't find the right size basket anywhere and unless I fit the space perfectly I'll be losing storage area which I absolutely can't afford to do. I've got a lot of stuff! So if anyone finds baskets that are about 18" x 20" and 7-8" deep, email me, STAT!


  1. Love it. The colors are calming and soft but my favorite part is the back splash and feet added to the cabinets.


  2. Absolutely EVERYTHING Jenifer said, especially the feet. :)

  3. heehee. I love your "how I take pictures" picture. If it makes you feel any better, my only bathroom is about 1/2 that size. Don't ask me how it's possible. It's horribly small, but we make every inch of it count.

  4. Love the bun feet idea ! Your bath looks great and the colors are perfect!


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