Tuesday, September 25, 2012

DIY Couch Risers

This is the easiest DIY project ever. Have you ever paid what felt like a silly amount for 4 pieces of plastic to lift a bed or a sofa, just to have it be too high and look tacky? I hear ya.

When we purchased our slipcovered couch at the beginning of this year it was a tiny bit long. The slipcover dragged on the floor enough to attract dirt and dog hair... you know, real life stuff.

 It only need a little lift, so I found some scrap 2x4's and used a 2.5-inch hole saw to cut some holes large enough for the couch legs to fit through. Then I cut the 2x4's into eight squares (measuring 3.5" x 3.5") -- 4 with a hole, 4 without.

A little wood glue, and some heavy books to "clamp" the legs together overnight...

...and voila.

Just enough lift to bring the slipcover off the ground -- exactly what I needed. You could easily paint the risers a dark color and help them fade into the shadows even more or use 4x4s if you needed a little more lift.

A 2.5" hole saw is the size used most for putting deadbolts or doorknobs into doors, too -- which is why we happened to have one on hand. So if you don't have one, check with a friend... lots of people have had to monkey with doors in their home.

I love the change it's made -- it's very subtle, but it helps keep the relaxed, lived-in slipcover look from veering into sloppy territory.


  1. I have done this to raise the bed in the past so that the storage boxes fit neatly underneath.

    Excellent tip!

  2. well...I am doing this one for sure!

  3. I have the same problem with my slipcovered couch. I have been dragging my feet as to what to do about raising it. Now I have no excuse. So out to my scrap wood pile I go! Thanks so much! :O)

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