Friday, November 2, 2012

Stripping the Front Door, part 2

It's me vs. the front door, and somebody has to win. Soon. Cross your fingers that it's me, because right now I'm a little concerned...

Yesterday when I joked that instead of three layers of paint on my door there were more like one hundred and three, I was apparently tapping into some unrealized psychic powers. Because really, this is bananas. I feel like eventually I'm going to uncover some amazing fresco from ancient times, and then I'll really be glad that I used the more gentle stripper when I can sell it at auction for a million dollars and buy myself a new door.

I'm still comfortable with my decision to use the Citristrip, since taking my door off in 40°F weather just isn't in the cards, but I'm on my second application of product this morning and I feel like I'm on the edge of a DIY-induced psychotic break. It's not coming off of the detailed areas like it should, even though it looks like it's lifted on the edges, it hasn't really; it's a cruel game the door is playing with my mind. And there's so many little details around the window panes that I might just lose my mind if it doesn't just miraculously start peeling off this afternoon when I check it again.

I glopped (yes, it's a word. Says me.) the stripper on quite liberally this morning, and I just wrapped the entire door in plastic wrap to keep the moisture in longer.

This better work! I've got stuff to do, like getting facials in the name of education and being a chicken farmer. This door is cramping my style and it's about to see what happens when you go up against me in a stubborn contest.


  1. Oh my gosh, what a nightmare! I hate when an "easy" project turns into a 50 step project! Have you tried using a heat gun with the scraper? I did that when I stripped a piece of furniture and it worked so much better, especially when using the green/low voc stripper. Good luck!

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  2. least you didn't give up yet and I admire you for that!! I wouldn't have had so much patience... I bought a heat gun years ago and never found a stripper that would work... I mean, that would make the work easy... good luck with that! hope today will be better!!

  3. Gurrrlllllllll you are WAY better than me! I thought my fight with Antique White Rub & Buff last night was bad! But this, this right here! Good luck! I will be posting my Rub & Buff project soon. Please look for it!


  4. I just worked with the same stripper last week trying to remove years of paint from some mid century wood chairs. After my third try it seemed to only remove a layer at a time. Each time it was left on for 24 hours. I'm in so cal ...we don't really have any extreme temps.
    I got fed up...washed it down with rubbing alcohol, went to HD & bought a Wagner heat air gun for 23.00. Both chairs took a little over an hour and I didn't even have to use the highest setting. Girl.... IT PEELED OF LIKE A LONG STRIP OF RIBBON!
    Sorry for the long comment, but after last week I will never use that stuff again, I love my heat gun!!!

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